2008 Cross Country

2008 Chillicothe Cross Country team, after their 1st place finish
at the St Joseph Lafayette Invitational
2007 Results

   2008 MEC Boys Cross Country

1.  Chillicothe            

2.  Smithville              

3.  Maryville              

4.  Benton                  

5.  Bishop LeBlond   

6.  Savannah              



Chillicothe Invitational - 1st
      Chillicothe won their own meet, placing five of the top six runners in the small meet. Chillicothe won the event with 20 points, Kirksville was second. A total of 20 runners from four schools took part in the Boys Varsity meet. A Kirksville runner won the boys event in a time of 16:37.
     "I'm very pleased with everyone's effort" commented Hornets Coach Tim Riekena. "The weather was great and even tough the course was wet and soft, the Chillicothe runners were fast."
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
2nd Steven Taylor 17:29 1st Mary Kate Taylor


3rd Casey Pryor 18:01      
4th Daniel Riekena 18:07      
5th Ben Griffin 18:14      
6th Timm Derrickson 18:14      
8th Thomas Cassity 19:06      
10th Drew Hinton 19:11      

Platte County Invitational - 1st
     Chillicothe won the Platte County Invitational out of 14 complete teams and 20 schools. Chillicothe finished with 73 points, Smithville 2nd with 77 and Platte County 3rd with 90. "This was a great win for us" commented coach Tim Riekena. "The team went into the meet confident they could run with other teams there. We know we need to run faster times but getting our top five in the top 25 spots was a very solid performance, especially in a meet this size."
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
10th Steven Taylor 18:37 4th Mary Kate Taylor


13th Casey Pryor 18:44      
14th Daniel Riekena 18:45      
17th Ben Griffin 18:52      
24th Timm Derrickson 19:04      
60th Drew Hinton 20:54      
70th Thomas Cassity 21:10      

St Joseph Benton Invitational - 1st
      Chillicothe picked up their third straight meet victory, easily winning the Benton invitational with 30 points. Benton was a distant second with 60 and Maryville with 61. Chillicothe had 6 of their starting boys runners win a top 20 medal and their lone girls runner finished 2nd. Chillicothe also won the JV meet and had the top individual in the JV and Freshman races.
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
3rd Steven Taylor 17:40 2nd Mary Kate Taylor


4th Casey Pryor 17:57      
5th Daniel Riekena 18:01      
7th Ben Griffin 18:14      
11th Timm Derrickson 18:37      
19th Parker Leatherman 19:21      
21st Drew Hinton 19:49      

St Joseph Lafayette - 1st
      Chillicothe picked up their fourth straight meet victory, easily winning the Lafayette invitational with 28 points. Winnetonka was 2nd with 94, Maryville 3rd with 101, Lawson with 138, Hamilton with 156, Savannah with 175, Excelsior Springs with 176 and William Chrisman with 213.
      Coach Tim Riekena was pleased with the team's performance. "Almost everyone improved considerably over last year's time. This is what we are working toward."  Mary Kate Taylor won the girls race.
       In an interesting side note, Travis Henry in the Junior Varsity race lost both of his shoes during the course and finished the final mile in his socks, finishing 11th out of 42 runners. Chillicothe Junior Varsity won the JV meet.
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
2nd Casey Pryor 17:58 1st Mary Kate Taylor


3rd Steven Taylor 18:07      
6th Daniel Riekena 18:17      
7th Ben Griffin 18:20      
10th Timm Derrickson 18:28      
23rd Thomas Cassity 19:43      
30th Parker Leatherman 20:05      

Savannah Invitational - 5th
      Chillicothe managed just 3rd place in the 5-team Savannah Invitational. Kansas City St Pius X won with 34 points, West Platte had 50, Chillicothe 61, Kearney 65 and Savannah 146.
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
8th Steven Taylor 18:05 4th Mary Kate Taylor


9th Daniel Riekena 18:07      
16th Ben Griffin 18:29      
17th Casey Pryor 18:32      
22nd Timm Derrickson 18:50      
27th Thomas Cassity 19:44      
31st Drew Hinton 19:54      

Excelsior Springs Invitational - 2nd
      Chillicothe finished 2nd in the Excelsior Springs Invitational by two points. St Joseph Central had 66 points, Chillicothe with 68, Independence: Truman 108, Smithville 112, Marshall 117, Liberty 149 and St Joseph Benton 209
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
4th Casey Pryor 17:38 8th Mary Kate Taylor


7th Steven Taylor 17:50      
16th Daniel Riekena 18:15      
20th Timm Derrickson 18:27      
21st Ben Griffin 18:28      
44th Thomas Cassity 19:29      
48th Parker Leatherman 19:34      

Kearney Invitational - 3rd
      Chillicothe finished 3rd out of 16 complete teams at the Kearney Invitational. St Pius X won the team trophy with 101 points, Warrensburg 2nd with 111, Chillicothe 3rd with 114 followed by Smithville with 118, West Platte with 147 and Kansas City Staley with 150. "This was the first meet where we had our top five all under 18 minutes" stated coach Tim Riekena. "Six of the seven varsity runners ran their fastest race ever." There were 115 boys varsity runners and 82 girls varsity runners.
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
14th Casey Pryor 17:32 16th Mary Kate Taylor


22nd Daniel Riekena 17:46      
23rd Ben Griffin 17:46      
27th Steven Taylor 17:56      
28th Timm Derrickson 17:59      
65th Thomas Cassity 19:05      
73rd Parker Leatherman 19:15      

Midland Empire Conference - 1st
      Chillicothe fielded their first Cross Country team in 1970. 38 years later, they have their first Boys Conference Title. Chillicothe edged Smithville to claim the M.E.C. title with 33 points on the Lafayette course. Smithville was 2nd with 35 followed by Maryville, Benton, LeBlond and Smithville. 
     "All the varsity boys improved their times from the same course three weeks ago" proclaimed Coach Tim Riekena. The weather was cool and windy, then started to sprinkle and turned into a steady downpour in the boys varsity race. "Everyone on the varsity did what the had to do in order to in the conference title" said Riekena.  "We won by just two points in a small meet, some of those points we earned in the last 300 meters."
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
3rd Casey Pryor 17:41 *1st team Conference 3rd Mary Kate Taylor


5th Steven Taylor 17:57 *1st team Conference    *1st team Conference  
6th Daniel Riekena 18:00 *1st team Conference      
8th Ben  Griffin 18:09 *2nd team Conference      
11th Timm Derrickson 18:21 *2nd team Conference      
18th Thomas Cassity        
24th Parker Leatherman        

Richmond Invitational - 6th
      Chillicothe finished 6th in the 20-team Richmond Invitational. The Hornets were with out one of their top runners. "I decided not to run Steven Taylor in this meet" commented coach Tim Riekena. "Even though it hurt our chances of placing high, we didn't want to take the risk of having him not being able to run well at districts." Riekena said the course was soggy and soft due to recent rains.
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
8th Casey Pryor 18:04 13th Mary Kate Taylor


15th Daniel Riekena 18:30      
40th Timm Derrickson 19:42      
44th Parker Leatherman 19:47      
48th Thomas Cassity 19:51      
51st Ben Griffin 20:02      
67th Drew Hinton 20:52      

Districts - 3rd
Chillicothe will send three runners to the MSHSAA Cross Country Championships but failed to qualify the team out of districts. Steven and Mary Kate Taylor both return to the state meet for the second year and will be joined by Ben Griffin. Helias won the district title with 33 points and four of the top five runners. Warrensburg was 2nd with 70 points, both schools were state qualifiers last season. Chillicothe was 3rd out of 9 teams with 83 points.
      Chillicothe did have some bad luck according to Coach Tim Riekena. "Unfortunately, Casey Pryor has been under the weather most of the week and it caught up with him. In such a competitive district like ours, we certainly could have used his normal top-ten finish".
  Chillicothe Boys     Chillicothe Girls  
7rh Steven Taylor 17:48 3rd Mary Kate Taylor


11th Ben Griffin 17:57      
16th Daniel Riekena 18:00      
19th Timm Derrickson 18:24      
29th Thomas Cassity 19:07      
33rd Casey Pryor 19:26      
41st Parker Leatherman 19:45      

MSHSAA Championships
      Chillicothe's three representatives at the MSHSAA Cross Country Championships competed well but failed to finish in the top 20. On the boys side, Steven Taylor improved last year's finish by 56 places to end up 58th overall with a time of 17:54. First time competitor Ben Griffin finished 101st  out of 166 runners with a time of 18:31. On the girls side, Mary Kate Taylor improved 36 places from last year to finish 36th out of 157 runners with a time of 21:29.  

Post Season Awards
     Chillicotheís cross country athletes were honored at their annual banquet. Chillicothe won their first ever Boys Cross Country Conference championship, finished 3rd in district and sent three runners to the state meet.

The Outstanding Athlete Award went to Mary Kate Taylor

Most Improved Award to Travis Henry

Coaches Award to Timm Derrickson


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