3/30/10 Girls Soccer
Smithville 10, at Chillicothe 0

     Throw out the score on this one against the annually state ranked Lady Warriors, as the Lady Hornets showed some promise tonight even with the lose, the Coaches were very proud of their efforts and were glad to see things that were not present on Monday with their first win.  Covering space, aggressiveness to the ball, communication and touches were so much better than on Monday and in the practices (of course most of them have been in the gym, because of the wet weather).

     It was good to see Catherine Tipton back with her hustle and tenacity after the ball, saving several goal scoring chances.  As usual Brooke Westcott was there with her ever aggressive play and foremost attitude.  Volunteering to fill a vacated defensive position, away from her regular midfield position has transitioned well, showing her captain attitude for the team.  It was good to see good play again from newcomers Addie Stottlemyre and the ever steady Echo Followwill playing well against the upper classmen she has faced, both playing defense. Brooke Thomas has showed her improvement and determination and being able to see plays develop in the midfield. Meredith Brick had several ESPN moment type saves laying flat out and saving the ball.   

     It takes games like these to develop some team character and it was great seeing the team actually pull together, picking each other up when they were down and coming together as a unit.

Chillicothe -
Smithville - Alex Olson (3), Michelle Stevenson (2), Lindsey Baber (2), Erin Robinson (2), Sydney Catlett

Chillicothe -
Meredith Brick 10
Smithville - 2

(Story written by Coach Bill Allison)

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