4/5/10 at St Joseph Benton 4, Chillicothe 1


     The lady Hornets came out pushing the ball hard with the aid of the wind and had 12 shots on goal, but were able to connect on only one that rebounded from a good attempt from Brooke Thomas to the feet of Cyrsten Lollar who placed a good shot over the Benton to collect her very first Lady Hornet varsity goal.  Down side of this play was that Brooke Thomas was injured and had to be carried off with a knee injury and unable to return, thus putting a big blow in the attack of the Lady Hornets.  The Lady Hornets outshot the Lady Cardinals 12 to 9 in the first half, but was unable to tally any more goals, carrying a 1-0 lead at halftime.

      Benton was able to take advantage of the wind in the second half, taking only ten minutes to tie it up and 13 to take the lead, never looking back.  The tallied another goal late off a strong foot of Heavin Warner (who place kicks for the football team).  One of their goals was a own goal by the Lady Hornets with a deflection off of a Lady Hornet defender.  They outshot the Lady Hornets 10-1 in the second half.

Chillicothe - Cyrsten Lollar unassisted

Benton - Diamond Burch, Lindsey Green, Heavin Warner, CHS Own Goal



Chillicothe - Meredith Brick 7  Cyrsten Lollar 2

Benton - Keelie Arbuckle 6

Story by Coach Bill Allison

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