4/14/10 Lady Hornets Soccer
Chillicothe 6, Benton 1
at Excelsior Springs Tournament

     The Lady Hornets playing in their very first tournament did not let the occasion slip through their fingers (toes), as they came out attacking the Benton defense like sharks on a feeding frenzy.  It only took Chillicothe 4 minutes to break down the Benton defense, whom had beaten the Lady Hornets last week 4-1.  The Lady Hornets turned it around being fully manned with the wind somewhat at their backs, took advantage of Benton mistakes and their speed to completely dominate the first 25 minutes of the first half where they would score 4 goals and the defense shutting down the Lady Cardinal attack early and often.  Transition from defense to offense was extremely well timed in the half and generated a much needed attack.  Rochelle Gillilan scoring the first of four goals in the 4th minute off of a beautiful pass from Lacey Nibarger, who played a great game in the central midfield, sending several well timed passes to the front and wining balls offensively and defensively.  Gillilan would take less than 10 minutes to score 2 more goals as she slipped past the defense using her strength and quickness to score in the 5th minute assisted by a good pass from Freshman Echo Followwill and then again in the 14th minute assisted by another defensive player Catherine Tipton.  The scoring slowed, but the attack did not for the next ten minutes and Chillicothe would score on a great shot from Madeline Brick in the 24th minute, unassisted.  With the lineup changing some the attack slowed a little giving Benton a chance to attack, but the defense with Brooke Westcott in the middle, along side Followwill, with Tipton and newcomer Addie Stottlemyre on the outside were able to turn back several attacks.  Senior Meredith Brick also had a couple good saves during this time as well.  The Lady Hornets would strike again in the 37th minute as Laura Turner played a beautiful ball forward to Madeline Brick who buried past the keeper.  This bringing the tally up 5-0 at half with Chillicothe out shooting Benton 14-6.
     Chillicothe played a lot smarter game in the half talking, making runs to space and having that killer instinct when the ball got close to the goal.  One play that stands out is when Jordan Gardner switched places with Tipton on a transition play, covering her position until she was able to return.  Small but important things like that are encouraging as they are starting to see things.  A little change in defense was made a halftime, not personnel, but technique which seemed to slow the Benton attack
      The second half seemed to be played at the middle third of the field as Chillicothe lacked a little in attack, due mainly to moving players around to gain experience.  The L.Hornets would find the net one more time in the 51st minute on a unassisted goal by Rochelle Gillilan.  Benton would finally find the net in the 57th minute as the ball was kicked around in front of the goal, unable to clear it, allowing Benton to find the net.  The game would end 6-1 in Chillicothe favor advancing them into the winners bracket where they will face Platte County on Friday the 16th at 6:45pm.
     Having good games were Gillilan, Nibarger, Madeline Brick and Laura Turner getting a rare but deserved start at midfield.

Goals by & assisted by:

Chillicothe - Rochelle Gillilan 4th minute assisted by Lacey Nibarger, 5th minute assisted by Echo Followwill, 14th minute assisted by Catherine Tipton, Madeline Brick 24th minute unassisted, 37th minute assisted by Laura Turner, Rochelle Gillilan 51st minute unassisted

Benton- Tori Blevis 57th minute unassisted



Chillicothe - Meredith Brick 7

Benton - Keelie Arbuckle 15




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