5/4/10 Girls Soccer
Chillicothe 5, at Cameron 1
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     Another windy day for soccer is usually an advantage to the attacking team, but not so for Cameron.  Cameron with the wind at their backs could not muster any real serious attacks in the first half, as Chillicothe attacked their goal into the wind with a vengeance, scoring in the 15th minute on a great pass from the right wing midfielder Jordan Gardner, finding the feet of Madeline Brick, who hit a beautiful strike into the net for the first goal.  It would only take
Chillicothe two minutes to get their next goal, but this time they had some help from Cameron as Madeline Brick put up a nice corner kick and as Cameronís Katelin Burke tried to head the ball out, it deflected into the net and ended up being the game winner for the Lady Hornets.  The push for goal seemed to switch with Cameron gaining control of the ball more and attacking the net, but some defensive pressure and good goalkeeping from Meredith Brick kept them away.  Knowing Cameron style of play to just kick the ball down field and hope Raelene Blanton can out run everyone was not working as Catherine Tipton shut her down.  The shots on goal were tied at 11 in the first half, which was surprising with Chillicothe battling the wind but making good low passes that were aiding the attack.

     At halftime, Coach Allison explained to the team that Cameron would have a tough time moving it against the wind with their style of play.  Cameronís high passes would be held up in the wind not allowing them to go over the heads of Chillicotheís defenders.  Chillicothe had to deal with some name calling and foul language by Cameron that was affecting some of the play, they were explained the best way to shut this down was to beat them at the game of soccer; a loss will hurt much more than the language that was being thrown at the Lady Hornet players.  The goal was met at the end of regulation.

     With the whistle sounding the Lady Hornets were surprised by the attack of Cameron and seemed to be got on their heals and got burned in the 54th minute as Cameron caught the Lady Hornets out of position and snuck one through with Blanton outrunning the injured Tipton to the ball and sending it past Meredith Brick, this would be their only goal.  The Lady Hornets turned the tide and put constant pressure on their goal with the breeze at their backs now, paying dividends in the 67th minute when Cyrsten Lollar found the net off of a Madeline Brick corner kick.  The pressure was to great and by the 70th minute with the attack in the Lady Dragons penalty area, one of Cameronís defenders knocked the ball down with their arm, allowing Rochelle Gillilan to step up to the penalty mark and place a perfect strike past the Lady Dragon keeper.  With this goal the Lady Hornets were up 4-1, and would only take Gillilan two minutes to bury another strike past the Cameron keeper, putting the score at 5-1, where it would eventually end eight minutes later.

     The Lady Hornets had good play from the Brickís, Gardner, Tipton, Lollar, Gillilan as she made several defensive recoveries in the first half.  Also playing well was Lacey Nibarger and Echo Followwill.  Brooke Westcott totally shut down Blanton most of the second half as she replaced Tipton in marking her.

Goals by & assisted by:

Chillicothe- 12th minute Madeline Brick assisted by Jordan Gardner, 17th minute Cameron Own Goal, 67th minute Cyrsten Lollar assisted by Madeline Brick, 70th minute Rochelle Gillilan Penalty Kick, 72nd minute Rochelle Gillilan unassisted

Cameron- 54th minute Raelene Blanton



Chillicothe - Meredith Brick 11

Cameron - Kelsey Carr 8 

Story by Coach Bill Allison

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