5/7/10 Girls Soccer
at Chillicothe 2, Marshall 1 (Overtime)
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     Dramatic is one way to describe the Lady Hornets ninth win of the season as they did it all, dominated, came from behind to tie and then won in overtime on the celebrated “Senior Night.”  It was a night to celebrate five seniors that have had a major on the HS soccer program and celebrate we did.  The Seniors that were announced at halftime were Madeline and Meredith Brick, Rochelle “Rock” Gillilan, Catherine Tipton and Brooke Westcott.

      Tonight was one of those nights that all soccer coaches worry about, one that your team dominates on all aspects of the game, but one mistake almost cost the game.  The Lady Hornets out-shot the Lady Owls 28 to 9, but only managed 2 goals, giving a lot of credit to the Marshall defense and keeper as they were able to get part of the ball and cause a deflection.  This allowing the game to stay much closer than it should.  The ball coming off the Lady Hornets foot in the first half hit about every part of the goal, except for the back of the net in the first half.  Along with the shots Chillicothe also had 4 corner kicks in the half, which also allow for excellent scoring chances, the Lady Hornets came up short on them as well.  At the end of the first half, the score was still at 0-0 and Marshall had to feel like they weathered a massive storm.

      At halftime the Lady Hornets were recognized by their fellow players as they were announced and presented their parents with flowers.  The Lady Hornets and coaching staff would like to thank Clay Jensen of KCHI radio for announcing the players at halftime.  Little was said at half, other than we had to finish and push the ball wide, spreading the very active Marshall defense out!! 

     The second half started similar to where it had left off, Chillicothe still dominating, but still not having a ball slip past the Lady Owls keeper.  One mistake in the 68th minute allowed Marshall to get the ball down the field and slip one past Meredith Brick and to take the lead.  The Lady Hornets would not fade or rollover as they just kept pushing the ball forward, finally paying off in the 77th minute, “yes just 3 minute to play!”  The ball went wide and as Madeline Brick was able to run it down sent a beautiful cross across the face of the goal finding the foot of the never tiring Rochelle Gillilan.  Gillilan made one touch sending it past the Lady Owl keeper and tying the game at 1 each.  Chillicothe was not done though as they kept putting pressure on the Lady Owls until the final regulation whistle blew, sending the Lady Hornets into their first overtime game of the year.

      Marshall one the toss, deciding to have the wind at their backs, did not change the course of attack and Chillicothe kept the ball moving in the attack.  All the offensive pressure paid off once again, as the Lady Owls felt the pressure and sent the ball over the goal line in the 8th minute of overtime, allowing the Lady Hornets a corner kick and this time the chance was not wasted.  Madeline Brick sent a great ball in as the hustling Gillilan put her head on the ball and sent a “rock”et past the keeper for the Golden Goal and game winner.

     It was a tremendous game for the Seniors, but it was a new beginning for the Freshman as they lined the midfield a good portion of the game.  These included Brooke Thomas, Cyrsten Lollar, Sarah Hussey and Leslee Moore, who had a massive game tonight.  Another freshman that played all 88 minutes was Echo Followwill, one again having a very solid game.  Sophomore Addie Stottlemyre definitely had her best game of the year, as she step up several times taking the play away from the Lady Owls and also had one great volley from a corner kick that almost found the net. 

     The Lady Owls helped the attack of the Lady Hornets by giving them 11 corner kicks and on the CK did not keep any forwards up front, so that allowed the Lady Hornets to fill the Penalty Area with potential goal scorers.

Goals by & assisted by:

Chillicothe - Rochelle Gillilan 77th and 88th minute both assisted by Madeline Brick

Marshall - Liz Hood 68th minute



Chillicothe - Meredith Brick 7

Marshall - Stephanie Clark 6

Story by Coach Bill Allison

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