5/11/10 Girls Soccer
Chillicothe 4, at Lafayette 0
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     A couple milestones were reached in the Lady Hornets Soccer Program tonight as they won their 10th game of the season, a first in double digits, and also guaranteed the second winning season in the program 4th season after having a 9-6 record in 2009.  This was the Lady Hornets first shutout of 2010 and came at the hands of Cyrsten Lollar, getting her first start in goal of her career, along with freshman Sarah Hussey getting the game winning goal.

It is encouraging to see the freshman improve the way they have with 4 of them starting and one as they 12th man.  They have came a long way and have contributed immensely of late.  Coach Allison, knowing this was Lollarís first start in goal made some changes in the lineup to help shut down the Lafayette attack and that it did.  Chillicothe started with Madeline Brick in the sweeper position and then played with only 3 midfielders as Leslee Moore commanded the middle with Jordan Gardner and Sarah Hussey on the wings, unlike 4, which is what is normally played.  In the first half it worked great as Brick shut down anything that got by the defense and only allowed the opposition 1 shot.  It was in the 14th minute when Chillicothe struck, the attack was started form a free kick about 25 yards out by Madeline Brick, and she hit a good ball finding Rochelle Gillilan.  Gillilan got the shot off but was deflected by the Lady Irish keeper, where Hussey managed to get a foot on the ball past the keeper for the first goal of the game and the eventual game winner.  This goal would be the only one of the half for either team, even though Chillicothe had 10 other shots.  Gillilan was double teamed most of the first half and fell sort a couple times by just missing the net.

     The second half would start similar to the first, but this time Brick up front and Gillilan in the sweeper position, one she played most of her freshman year.  Lafayette made a major change as well, as they pulled their keeper out to forward, trying to generate more offense, that move did not pay off as the Lady Hornets jumped on the ball in the 42nd minute as Jordan Garner played a ball forward to the running Brick, who managed to fake out the keeper placing a hard angled shot into net.  It would only take the same duo 5 minutes to score again as the Lafayette back up keeper was beat again.  Gillilan was able to shut down a couple quick attacks from Lafayette as they played long balls over the 4 Chillicothe defenders, trying to get the ball to the speedy Sam Wood, who was in goal the first half.  Chillicothe dominated the game and late into the second half batted a ball down with their hands in the penalty area, allowing Gillilan to step to the spot and bury it past the Lady Irish keeper, thus rounding out the score to 4-0.  The Lady Irish did manage to get 4 shots off in the second half, where Lollar was able to secure her first and the teamís first shutout of her career and season, respectively.

     Once again it was encouraging to see the play of the freshman, as they have made great strides in understanding the game.  Gardner with her two assists played well, along with Moore, Hussey and Brooke Thomas; all four sharing duties in the midfield.  Hannah Thieme came very close to having her first goal as she hit a pretty good ball.  Ashiah St. Onge and Laura Turner put in several good minutes as well

Goals by & assisted by:

Chillicothe -  14th minute Sarah Hussey Unassisted, Madeline Brick 42nd and 47th minute both assisted by Jordan Gardner, 72nd minute Rochelle Gillilan Penalty Kick

Lafayette - none


Chillicothe -  Cyrsten Lollar 2

Lafayette - Sam Wood 7   ??? 5

Story by Coach Bill Allison

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