5/13/10 Girls Soccer
at Chillicothe 3, Maryville 2 Overtime
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     The Maryville Lady Spoofhounds only needed 26 second to score in the prior meeting, but this time it would take 42 minutes, and were still trailing.  This Lady Hornets probably played their best game of the season tonight at Danner Park, taking a 2-0 lead going into halftime as the Spoofhounds were stunned after beating Chillicothe 10-0 in their first match-up this spring.  I truly believe the first loss to them was to the Lady Hornets benefit tonight as Maryville thought it was going to be an easy win.

     Chillicothe once again was playing without their starting goalkeeper as the young Cyrsten Lollar minded the net in her second consecutive start, with this the Lady Hornets would once again shake up the lineup similar to the Lafayette game, but this time starting Rochelle Gillilan starting as sweeper and Madeline Brick up top. It definitely worked in the first half as Gillilan and the rest of the defense, Catherine Tipton, Echo Followwill, Brooke Westcott, Addie Stottlemyre, shut down the very strong attack of Maryville.  While this was happening Madeline Brick was playing one of her best games up front, giving the SH all kinds of trouble linking up good with Kylie Barton.  It would only take the Lady Hornets 6 minutes as Brooke Westcott laid up a pretty ball finding Madeline Brick, who took a shot from about 20+ yards out hitting the hands of the keeper but falling into the goal for the 1-0 lead. The play would continue to go both ways for most of the first half, each team having some chances at goal, with no one connecting until Leslee Moore was able to kick in a loose ball at the 39th minute, just seconds before the end of the first half, giving the Lady Hornets a 2-0 lead.

     The first half saw some good play from Moore and Sarah Hussey in the midfield, Addie Stottlemyre in defense, along with Gillilan sending some great balls forward to the hard working Madeline Brick, who was getting knocked around like a pinball, by the Maryville defense.  Cyrsten Lollar had 7 saves in the first half giving her three shutout halves in 2 games she has started.

     The Lady Hornets would have to be on the horses in the second half as they knew the LS would be coming at them with all their dogs.  Their attack was strong and constant for several minutes starting the second half, a mistake by the Lady Hornets cost them a goal as they did not hustle to the ball and saw it slip past them for the LS first goal in the 43rd minute. The Lady Hornets were able to get a few attacks started but were unable to get one in the net, best chance coming when Madeline Brick took a shot that deflected off the cross bar, the shot just missed crossing over the goal line as the Lady Spoofhounds keeper mad the save. The Lady Hornets seemed to settle back into the defensive mode, sending the ball out of bounds, allowing the Lady Spoofhounds to keep attacking the goal.  The constant pressure paid off in the 76th minute as Elizabeth Schieber managed to score on some miscommunication between a defender and keeper, with this goal it knotted the score at 2 apiece.  With this score Ma. Brick was moved to sweeper and Rochelle Gillilan went up front, trying to generate a quick score, but ran out of time, even though having a couple chances.  It would end 2-2 in regulation, sending both teams into overtime.

     The Lady Spoofhounds won the toss and decided to go the direction of the least amount of water (the field was very wet in spots), the same way they scored two goals, but this time it would not work out as they were held scoreless only managing 1 shot while the LH had 3.  Before the first overtime, Coach Allison had challenged them to score in the first 2 minutes, this did not happen so he challenged them again, this time it paid big dividends as they scored the Golden Goal in the 2nd minute of the second overtime as Rochelle Gillilan made a move to goal, but then passed it between a LS defenders legs, finding freshman Sarah Hussey, who managed to get a shot off, that everyone on the bench thought was going over the goal, but quickly dropped over the LS keeper and into the back of the net, for the game winner.

     What is amazing about this win is that in two years the Lady Hornets have played in 6 OT games and have won all 6, a feat that is almost unheard of.  This brings the Lady Hornets to 11 and 7, with a 4 and 3 conference record, making it the second straight year that they have had a winning conference record

Goals by & assisted by:

Chillicothe- Madeline Brick assisted by Brooke Westcott 6th minute, Leslee Moore unassisted 39th minute, Sarah Hussey 92nd minute assisted by Rochelle Gillilan
- Alyssa Steins 42nd minute, Elizabeth Schieber 76thminute



Chillicothe- Cyrsten Lollar 13
- Jessica Driskell 12

Story by Coach Bill Allison

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