Hornets Baseball
4/15 - 18/13 Pony Express Tournament
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4/15 Opening Round
     Lafayette 10, Chillicothe 0 Six Innings
Lafayette scored two in the 3rd, two in the 4th, six in the 6th. Anthony Garcia, Ryan Smith and Tyler Long combined for the loss. At the plate, Dylan Clark 1/3, Steven Cooper 13, Bobby Penniston 1/3, Ryan Smith 1/3.Coach Troy Figg stated he took full responsibility for the loss. He stated he had the wrong personnel in the game to give the Hornets the best chance to win.

4/16 Consolation Semifinal
     Benton JV 4, Chillicothe 3    
The Chillicothe Hornets baseball team lost their second straight game in the Pony Express tournament, losing to the Benton JV team 4-3. The JV Cardinals scored three in the third. Chillicothe answered with one in the fourth and fifth with both teams scoring one in the sixth. Bobby Penniston took the loss for Chillicothe, giving up four hits on three errors. Picking up hits for Chillicothe were Tyler Long 1/3, Steven Cooper 2/4, DJ Gannan 2/4, Bobby Penniston 1/3 and Ryan Smith 1/3. The Hornets will play Thursday at 6:30pm at Bartlett Field for 7th place.

4/18 7th Place Game
    Game was cancelled due to weather and field conditions

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