4/08/14 Chillicothe 7, at Richmond 2
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From Coach Bob Long:
     Chillicothe (2-1) Varsity boys' tennis team won 7-2 at Richmond, Tuesday. The teams began in doubles competition, with the number one doubles team of Chillicothe, Gabe Poling and Nate McKiddy winning 8-1 angainst the Richmond duo of Chad Truby and Collin Williamson. Sophomore Nate McKiddy received his first varsity win. The Chillicothe number two doubles team of Garrett Peterson and Nathan Sims fought back and forth with the team of Chase Shipley and Austin Crossland before losing in a tie-breaker, 8-8 (5-7). The Hornet team of Quinten Lewis and Lane Bonderer took care of business winning 8-1 against the Spartan team of Ryan Sander and Joseph Briant. Gabe Poling continues to lead the way winning 8-1 against Truby in singles. Gabe is now 3-0 in singles for the season. Nate McKiddy and Collin Williamson battled to an 8-8 tie, before Williamson won the tie-breaker 7-5. Nate giving up several years of experience to the senior Williamson. Garrett Peterson and Nathan Sims received their revenge on Shipley and Crossland respectively, both winning 8-1. Quinten Lewis continued his all business attitude in singles, winning 8-2 against Sander and Lane Bonderer picked up his first two varsity wins, in his varsity debut beating Briant 8-6.
      The hornets continue to gain experience and were glad to come away with the victory. The evening was a success, with the two defeats both coming down to tie-breakers. The doubles team of Sims-Peterson and McKiddy in singles were down 7-8 before tying it up 8-8. It's good to get the win and also receive some competitive play.







Gabe Poling

Chad Truby

8 - 1

Nate McKiddy

Collin Williamson

8 - 9 (5 - 7)

Garrett Peterson

Chase Shipley

8 - 1

Nathan Sims

Austin Crossland

8 - 1

Quinten Lewis

Ryan Sander

8 - 2

Lane Bonderer

Joseph Briant

8 - 6






8 - 1



8 - 9 (5-7)



8 - 1


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