4/28/14 Chillicothe 8, at Cameron 1
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From Coach Bob Long:
      The Chillicothe varsity boys' tennis team (4-2) traveled to Cameron Monday and defeated the Dragons 8-1. Gabe Poling won his sixth straight singles match, defeating Colin Riley 8-2. Gabe started slowly, 1-2, before settling in, and winning the final seven games. Nate McKiddy got off to a blistering start, 6-1, and then found himself in a battle with senior Levi Hahn. Nate outlasted him winning in a tie-breaker, 9-8 (3). Garrett Peterson defeated Mathew McDaniel, 8-3. The match was even early, 3-3, until Garrett took control. Nathan Sims was able to play with a lead and apply continued pressure to Chris Hershberger, beating him 8-0. Brandon Lamp won decisively, 8-1, against Jonathan Byrom of Cameron. Isaiah Barron got his first taste of varsity tennis, defeating Cole Mazer, 8-6. Isaiah was down 3-6 and vowed to fight back, securing the hornets sweep of the singles action.
     In doubles action, the Dragons refused to surrender peacefully. Nate McKiddy and Garrett Peterson defeated the team of McDaniel and Mazer 8-1. The number three doubles team of Brandon Lamp and Isaiah Barron, fought hard to the end, but lost to the senior team of Hershberger and Byrom 5-8. The number one doubles team of Gabe Poling and
Nathan Sims defeated Colin Riley and Levi Hahn, 8-6, despite the Cameron duo playing as if the match was still up for grabs.
     Nice to defeat another district opponent. A great win for Isaiah. At 3-6, he assured me he was going to come back and then he preceded to win the last five games. Nate and Nathan both got confidence building victories. Brandon Lamp has a tremendous attitude: when he is losing, he doesn't give up and when he wins, he believes he should have won by more. Gabe and Garrett showed their experience, outlasting their opponents.







Gabe Poling

Colin Riley

8 - 2

Nate McKiddy

Levi Hahn

9 - 8 (3)

Garrett Peterson

Mathew McDaniel

8 - 3

Nathan Sims

Chris Hershberger

8 - 0

Brandon Lamp

Jonathan Byrom

8 - 1

Isaiah Barron

Cole Mazer

8 - 6






 8 - 6



8 - 1



5 - 8


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