9/27/2013 LeBlond 14, at Chillicothe 0

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Queen Erynn Skoglund and King Elliott Keller

Homecoming Parade Grand Marshals .. The High School Office Secretaries.

Candidates Paige (?) Peters and Kameron Allen

Candidates Sara Frampton and Elliott Keller

Candidates Matt Sturm and Erynn Skoglund

Jr Attendants Brooke Nelson and Austin


Soph Attendants Kelly Westphal and Kyle Ross

Freshman Attendants Hannah Jones and Ty Figg

Candidates Zach Alperin and Lexi Snyder

Candidates Alan Kline and Erin Gilliland

Cadidates Faith (?) Peters and Trent Moore

Jr Attendants Hayden Major and Hannah Leamer

Soph Attendants Alex Barnes and Mairssa Surber

Freshman Attendants Cade Snyder and WQhitney Clampitt