2008 Girls Soccer Season Results

Row 1: Kelsey Duvall-Manager, Ast Coach Way, Brittanee Jacobs, Mallory Lowe, Amanda Ireland,
Coach Lowe. Row 2: Lacey Nibarger, Sindi Huff, Kendra Ballantyne, Brooke Westcott, Jordan Gardner, Annie
Steely, Marissa Foli, Ashley Mason. Row 3: Alisha Ashford, Libby Kline, Meredith Brick, Kati Jo Ross, Lauren
Yates, Rochelle Gillilan, Ellyn turner, Madeline Brick, Catherine Tipton

Season Record 8-8 / 2-5 in Conference

2008 MEC Standings



7 - 0

Platte County

6 - 1

St Joseph Benton

4 - 3


4 - 3


3 - 4


2 - 5


2 - 5


0 - 7

Smithville 10, at Chillicothe 0
     Chillicothe lost their season opening match to Savannah 10-0. The game was stopped 15 minutes into the 2nd half due to the ten goal mercy rule.

Chillicothe 4, at Kirksville 1
     Chillicothe beat Kirksville 4-1 on the road to improve to 1-1 on the season. Rochelle Gillilan scored two goals, Meredith Brick scored 1 goal and Madeline Brick scored 1 goal.

 at St Paul's Lutheran of Concordia
St Paul's defeated Chillicothe. Score and details not known.

Chillicothe 2, at St Joseph Benton 1 (Four Overtimes)
     Chillicothe's Amanda Ireland made a save on goal to give the Lady Hornets a 2-1 Four Overtimes win at St Joseph Benton. Rochelle Gillilan scored in the five minute mark of the first half but Benton tied it up later and sent it into overtime. After two scoreless ten minute overtimes, the game went to a penalty kick overtime. Chillicothe scored on three of their kicks from Gillilan, Meredith Brick and Madeline Brick, but Benton tied it up again, scoring on three kicks  In the fourth "sudden death" overtime, Ellyn Turner scored for Chillicothe then Ireland stopped Benton's kick for the win. Chillicothe improves to 2-2 on the season

Chillicothe 3, at Kansas City Lutheran 1
     The Chillicothe Girls Soccer team overcame a muddy Kansas City Lutheran field to win 3-1. Lady Hornets Coach Margie Lowe stated the field was so muddy; Lutheranís goal in the first two minutes of the game was due to the Chillicothe Goalie literally being ďstuck in the mudĒ. Chillicothe responded with a goal by Rochelle Gillilan and a penalty kick by Madeline Brick in the first half to lead 2-1 at intermission and Gillilandís second goal in the second half. Chillicothe had 56 shots on goal compared to Lutheranís 13 shots on goal. Chillicothe improved to 3-2 on the season.

at Chillicothe 5, Cameron 1
      Rochelle Gillilan scored a Hat Trick to help Chillicothe beat Cameron 5-1 in Chillicothe. In addition to Gillilan's three goals, Madeline Brock scored twice for the Lady Hornets, who improve to 4-2 on the season

at Maryville 4, Chillicothe 1
      Maryville downed Chillicothe 4-1 to snap a 3-game winning streak. Chillicothe's goal game in the second half from Madeline Brick to close the game to 3-1. Chillicothe is now 4-3 on the season.

St Joseph Benton 4, at Chillicothe 1
     St Joseph Benton downed Chillicothe 4-1 at Chillicothe. Benton scored twice in the first half. Chillicothe responded with a goal by Madeline Brick in the 2nd half to close the gap to 2-1, but Benton scored twice more to win the match.

at Platte County 10, Chillicothe 1
     Chillicothe was shut out by the 10-goal mercy rule for the second time this season, falling to Platte County 10-0. "The team played well against a very good team" stated Lady Hornets coach Margie Lowe. "Platte County passes very well and knows where each other are. Goalie Amanda Ireland played very well as did the rest of the defense." Platte County had 45 shots on goal compared to Chillicothe's 11 shots on goal.
     The Lady Pirates scored four in the first half and six in the second half, the 10th goal coming with less than five minutes left in the contest.

Chillicothe 3, Lafayette 0
     No details available

Savannah 5, Chillicothe 1
Savannah defeated Chillicothe 5-1. No other details were made available.

Chillicothe 2, at Lafayette 1
     Chillicothe evened their record to 7-7 on the season with a 2-1 win at St Joseph Lafayette. Lafayette scored in the 11th minute to lead 1-0 at the half. Chillicothe tied the game in the 44th minute with a goal from Rochelle Gillilan then won the game with a goal in the 74th minute from Madeline Brick.

Chillicothe 2, Maryville 1
     Chillicothe improved to 8-7 on the season with a 2-1 win at Maryville. Madeline Brick scored in the 8th minute and Rochelle Gillilan scored in the 20th minute to lead 2-0 at the half. Maryville scored in the 75th minute. Chillicothe ends the Conference season at 3-4

Savannah 6, Chillicothe 2 at Districts at Lafayette
     Chillicothe's season ended with a 6-2 first round loss in the Class 3 District tournament. Savannah scored in the sixth and 10th minute to lead 2-0. Chillicothe's Rochelle Gillilan scored with 4:07 left in the first half to narrow the gap. Savannah scored again six minutes into the second half to lead 3-1. Chillicothe's Madeline Brick scored in the 26th minute of the second half but Chillicothe could get no closer. The Lady Hornets had 33 shots on goal compared to Savannah's 24.

All Conference Team

1st Team

2nd Team

Honorable Mention

GK - Beth Hammons - So - Smithville

GK - Taylor Johnson - Fr - P Co

GK - Kelsey Adams - So - Savannah

F - Ashley Blanchard - Sr - Maryville

F - Madeline Brick - So - Chilli

F - Ivory Baldwin - So - Benton

F - Whitney Smith - So - Platte Co

F - Krystal Arnspiger - Jr - P Co

F - Raelene Blanton - So - Cameron

F - Mallory Craig - Jr - Smithville

F - Erin Robinson - Fr - Smithville

F - Amy Van De Ven - Fr - Maryville

MF - Kaylee Smith - Jr - Platte Co

MF - Meredith Brick - So - Chilli

F - Elsie Harrison - Fr - Platte Co

MF - Kelsey Knox - Fr - Platte Co

MF - Leah Bostwick - So - Maryville

F - Katie Crawford - Fr - Savannah

MF - Kate Gallagher - So - Savannah

MF - Jamie Bundy - So - Platte Co

F - Heavin Warner - Fr - Benton

MF - Jessie Johnson - So - Smithville

MF - Michelle Stevenson -  Smithville

MF - Kelsey Goforth - Jr - Savannah

MF - Alex Olson - So - Smithville

D - Sam Wilson - Jr - Benton

MF - Shayna Wazil - Sr - Maryville

D - Samantha Hummer - Jr - Laf

D - Taylor Sellers - Fr - Platte Co

MF - Abbie Florea - Sr - Maryville

D - Ali Ackman - Fr - Maryville

D - Sydney Mayes - Jr - Smithville

MF - Lyndsie Sellers - Jr - Platte Co

D - Cacy Williams - Fr - Platte Co


MF - Kelly Krull - Jr - Smithville

D - Sydney Catlett - Fr - Smithville


MF - Kayla Muehlebach - Fr - P Co



MF - Alissa Spots - Sr - Lafayette



MF - Jordan Johnson - Sr - Smithville



D - Sarah Hall - Jr - Cameron



D - Mallory Lowe - Sr - Chillicothe



D - Casi McCall - Sr - Smithville



D - Elizabeth Schieber - Fr - Maryville


D - Cristanna Hardee - Sr - Maryville


D - Breann Rolofson - Fr - Platte Co


D - Tabatha Carter - Jr - Savannah


D - Paige Yates - So - Smithville


D - Kelsey Tietjens - Sr - Smithville

All District Team
Named All District 1st team were Madeline Brick and Rochelle Gillilan, 2nd team to Mallory Lowe and Meredith Brick and Honorable Mention to Ellyn Turner and Amanda Ireland.

Team Awards
     Chillicothe will lose just three seniors of this year's squad that finished 8-8 on the season and 3-4 in MEC play. Brittanee Jacobs won the Coaches Award at the annual banquet, Madeline brick won the Offensive Player Award, Mallory Lowe won the Defensive Player award and Ellyn Turner won the Hustle Award.

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