2007 Boys Soccer Season

Row 1: Chris Carr, Taylor Lyon, Kevin Thomschke, Clayton Allen, Jeff Bowman, Chris Kleinschmidt, Colton Allen
Seth Duvall. Row 2: Austin Ireland, Mason Munson, Luke Mendenhall, Wade Koehly, Jarek Schmidt, Mahonri
Reyes, Zach Ireland, Lance Williams, Cameron Lollar, Colton Whiteside, Nate Pryor, Myles McLemore.
Row 3: Coach Allison, Zach Colvin, Zach Truesdell, Brady Sensenich, Levi Barton, Caleb Buckmaster, Weston
Baker, Derrick Koenig, Jacob Rockhold, Chase Bonderer, Ast. Coach Niswonger.

4-11 overall, 3-4 Conference

Final M.E.C. Standings

 1. Smithville 6 - 1
 1. Platte County 6 - 1
 1. Maryville 6 - 1
 4, St Joseph Lafayette 4 - 3
 5. Chillicothe 3 - 4
 6. Savannah 2 - 5
 7. St Joseph Benton 1 - 6
 8. Cameron 0 - 7

at Maur Hill, Kansas 6 Chillicothe 3

    The Chillicothe Hornets jumped out to an early lead but couldn't hold on, falling at Maur Hill, Kansas 6-3 in the first-ever Hornet Boys Soccer Game. Levi Barton scored the first goal in the 9th minute off an assist by Zach Truesdell and two minutes later, Chase Bonderer gave Chillicothe a 2-0 lead. Maur Hill scored on a penalty kick following a miss played ball, closing the gap to 2-1. It was a costly mistake for the Hornets, according to head coach Bill Allison. "The Hornets let down some after that and allowed three more Maur Hill goals in the first half."
     Chillicothe closed the gap in the 2nd half after Jacob Rockhold sent it to Zac Truesdell, who outran the defenders to close the gap to 4-3. The Hornets were pushing for a late goal when a pair of Hornets went down to leg cramps, allowing two late Maur Hill scores in the final three minutes. Allison was proud of his team in their first game. "The score does not reflect on how close the game was and how evenly matched the two teams were." Allison had praise for Chase Bonderer and Colton Allen at midfield, as well as Brady Sensenich, Jeff Bowman and Weston Baker on the backline. Freshman starter Chris Kleinschmidt played well along with Zach Colvin and Levi Barton, according to Coach Allison. Caleb Buckmaster made nine saves at goal. .

St Joseph Lafayette 4 at Chillicothe 2

     St Joe Lafayette scored two goals in the first seven minutes of the game and beat Chillicothe 4-2. After the initial onslaught, Chillicothe answered with a Jacob Rockhold goal from an assist by Levi Barton. Lafayette scored again but Rockhold scored his 2nd goal on a feed from Chase Bonderer. In the 2nd half, Lafayette scored again to end the game 4-2. Caleb Buckmaster at goal had 16 saves for the game.

Chillicothe 7 at Cameron 2

      September 6th might now be called "Jacob Rockhold Day" in Chillicothe. Rockhold scored four goals and had one assist to lead the Hornets to their first ever soccer win, beating Cameron 7-2 at Danner Park. Cameron scored first, but Chillicothe answered with two Rockhold goals and one from Zac Truesdell to lead 3-1 at the half. The second half started the same as the 1st with a Cameron goal from penalty kick, but the Hornets responded with two goals again by Rockhold, one from Chase Bonderer and one from Zach Colvin. Brady Sensenich had two assists, Truesdell and Colton Allen with one assist each. At the goal, Caleb Buckmaster had 6 saves for the Hornets. Coach Bill Allison had plenty of praise for his team. "The whole team played their hearts out to secure their first victory." Allison pointed to the team defenders Jeff Bowman, Weston baker, Brady Sensenich and Mahonri Reyes and the midfielders of Zach Colvin, Chase Bonder, Colton Allen and Levi Barton. Chillicothe is now 1-2 while Cameron falls to 2-3.

Chillicothe 4 at St Joseph Benton 1

     Chillicothe jumped out to an early lead and never let up, beating St Joseph Benton 4-1 in St Joe. The Hornets Zach Colvin scored in the 7th minute off an assist by Chase Bonderer. Jacob Rockhold took over, scoring an unassisted goal in the 36th minute then off a Bonderer assist 2 minutes later on a corner kick to lead 3-0 at the half. Benton responded early in the 2nd with an unassisted goal but Chillicothe iced the game with a Zac Truesdell unassisted goal in the 67th minute for the Chillicothe 4-1 win.
     Coach Bill Allison praised the group he calls the fab four. "They are the Hornet's defense of Jeff Bowman, Weston Baker, Brady Sensenich and Mahonri Reyes. These four young men are starting to gel as a unit and have the never give up attitude." Allison also praised midfielder Zach Colvin and Colton Allen. Goalkeeper Caleb Buckmaster had seven saves. "Caleb definitely played his best game of the season and is starting to mature as the Hornets Goalkeeper" said Allison.

Maryville 4 at Chillicothe 3

     A sluggish first half was too much for Chillicothe to overcome as the Hornets fell to Maryville 4-3. The Spoofhounds jumped out to a 3-0 lead, which disappointed Hornets Coach Bill Allison. "The Hornets seemed to start the game without the intensity that has been shown in the four previous games. Three crucial mistakes cost the Hornets the three goals, which included a bad pass in defense, not staying with a marked player on a corner kick and a misguided throw by the goalkeeper."
     Trailing 3-0 at the half, the Hornets  responded in the 2nd half with a Jacob Rockhold unassisted goal in the 41st minute, a Zac Truesdell goal in the 44th minute with an assist by German Foreign Exchange student Kevin Thomschke, and a Jacob Rockhold unassisted goal in the 68th minute, his 10th of the season, to tie the game. Maryville's Klay Talmage found the net with less than a minute left in the game for the Maryville 4-3 win.
     Coach Allison said this was a tough loss for his team. "This has definitely been the hardest loss to take after seeing this new Hornet team pour their guts out onto the field and battle back the way they did against a Maryville team that has already played 11 games and has a well established program." The Hornets fall to 2-3 on the season

at Kirksville 4 Chillicothe 1

     Kirksville exploded for three goals in the 2nd half to beat Chillicothe 4-1. The Tigers scored first which was answered by a Jacob Rockhold goal with the assist to Kevin Thomschke. The game was tied at 1-1 going into the second half when Kirksville turned things up with goals by three different players. Chillicothe's Goalkeeper Caleb Buckmaster had six saves while Kirksville had one save on goal. Chillicothe falls to 2-4 while Kirksville improves to 4-6.

Platte County 9 at Chillicothe 1

     For the first half of the contest, Chillicothe played right with the Platte County Pirates, trailing just 2-1 at intermission. However, Platte County exploded for seven goals in the 2nd half to win 9-1. Chillicothe scored first in the game, with a Colton Allen goal in the 3rd minute off an assist by Chase Bonderer. Coach Bill Allison says his Hornets squad will bounce back from this disappointing loss. "This team will rebound and gather their wits about them, even though we are struggling through injuries that has hampered some of the players and their effectiveness. The season is young and the Hornets are still ready to play."

at St Joseph Lafayette 4, Chillicothe 1

    They say football is a game of inches. For Chillicothe, the same can be said about soccer. The Hornets lost to St Joseph Lafayette 4-1 in St Joseph in a game that saw several Hornet shots miss the goal by inches. "The Hornets were so close to scoring several goals in the first half that definitely would of made the outcome closer or totally different." commented Hornets coach Bill Allison. "The Hornets had seven shots on goal by Colton Allen, Levi Barton, Zach Colvin and four by Jacob Rockhold in the first half and many of these just inches away from the goal as the Irish Goalkeeper was beat." Instead, it was Lafayette that found the goal to lead 1-0 at the half.
     Lafayette's Nick Edwards gets the tough man award. "Unlucky comes to mind in the second half as their leading scorer, Nick Edwards, arrived from his cross country match and played with the same talented play that he showed in the first match up between these two teams"  Edwards scored twice in the second half to give Lafayette a 3-0 lead before Chillicothe's Zac Truesdell found the net with an assist by Colton Allen. Lafayette scored their final goal late in the game. At the net, Caleb Buckmaster had nine saves for the Hornets, who fall to 2-6 overall and 1-2 in M.E.C. play.

Marshall 8 at Chillicothe 2

     Chillicothe tried battling through injuries and illness but came up short in an 8-2 loss to Marshall at Chillicothe. Jacob Rockhold scored first, getting his 12th goal of the season off an assist by Zac Truesdell in the 15th minute. The Owls responded with three goals in seven minutes to lead 3-1 at the half. Marshall continued the onslaught in the 2nd half, building a 6-1 lead before Zac Truesdell nailed his 6th goal of the season off an assist by Jacob Rockhold. Marshall had two more goals to round out the scoring,  "There were a number  of positives that came from this game" stated Hornets Coach Bill Allison. "Zac Truesdell played his heart out and showed why he is a team leader. Jacob Rockhold with his all out effort." Allison says they are playing with a make-shift line up due to illness and injury. "Weston Baker played his first game as a goalkeeper, Zach Colvin started in defense, Chase Bonderer and Colton Allen battled some illnesses to give the team several good minutes plus Mahonri Reyes had a sore ankle." Baker had seven saves on goal, which pleased Allison. "He showed why he wears one of the captain's bands; because of his unselfish play and willingness to help the team out anywhere he is needed." Chillicothe falls to 2-7 and will have five games in ten days.

Maur Hill Kansas 6, at Chillicothe 2

    Rough plan and key mistakes were the keys to a 6-2 Chillicothe home loss to Maur Hill, Kansas. "The Hornets definitely went to battle tonight" stated Hornets coach Bill Allison. "The Hornets fell prey to the Raven's very hard play and sometimes questionable play as the Hornet players were swung at, spit at and shown a lot of disrespect with language and hand gestures from the Raven's players." Allison says that type of play caused the Hornets to make some mistakes they generally don't make.
     Maur Hill started the scoring  in the 18th minute, but Chillicothe's Jacob Rockhold tied the game in the 27th minute off an assist by Zac Truesdell. Maur Hill didn't let up, leading 3-1 at the half and continued the scoring into the 2nd half. Rockhold scored Chillicothe's final goal in the 2nd half unassisted, his 14th of the season. Caleb Buckmaster had eight saves for Chillicothe.

at Smithville 10, Chillicothe 0

    The Smithville juggernaut was too much for Chillicothe's young soccer team, falling at Smithville 10-0. The game was stopped after 70 minutes due to the 10-goal rule. "It was very evident that the Smithville players have a lot of soccer experience at the club level" commented Chillicothe Coach Bill Allison. "That definitely makes them into a good high school team. After facing a team like Maur Hill on Tuesday that would rather beat you up than play soccer against you, it was great to see a team that knew how to play the game."
     Smithville scored seven goals in the 1st half and three more in the first 30 minutes of the 2nd half. "The Hornets knew going into this game that it was going to be a tough one as Smithville's two leading scorer's had 37 goals between them and shutting them down would be a tough task" stated Allison. At goal, Chillicothe's Caleb Buckmaster had 13 saves. On offense, the Hornets managed just three shots on goal.

at Chillicothe 3, St Joseph Benton 2

   The Chillicothe Hornets picked up their 2nd conference win on the season, beating St Joseph Benton 3-2. Chillicothe's scoring came late in the game, in the 53rd minute on a free kick by Brady Sensenich, in the 68th minute on a Colton Whiteside kick with the assist from Zac Truesdell and in the 73rd minute by Truesdell with an assist by Jacob Rockhold. Chillicothe is now 2-3 in the M.E.C. and 3-9 overall.

at Maryville 3 Chillicothe 0

    The Chillicothe Hornets lost 3-0 at Maryville to fall to 3-10 in their inaugural season. "We headed to Maryville knowing that it was going to be a tough team" stated coach Bill Allison. "Maryville is an experienced and skilled team that was ready to play from opening whistle to ending one." The Spoofhounds Jon Rogers had a pair of scores in the 1st half to take a 2-0 lead at intermission. It was an active first half with Maryville having 11 shots on goal and Chillicothe five shots on goal. The second half was more balanced with each team limited to just three shots on goal. Maryville scored their final goal with just two minutes left in the 2nd half.
     One of the bright spots was Goalkeeper Caleb Buckmaster who had 10 saves. "One of the referees applauded Buckmaster's play in goal and was impressed by his efforts" commented Allison.

Chillicothe 2, at Savannah 0

    The Chillicothe Hornets earned their first shut-out of the season, beating Savannah 2-0 in St Joseph. Chillicothe's Caleb Buckmaster earned the shut out with three saves. Hornets Coach Bill Allison says the shut-out was a team effort. "The heads up play by Weston Baker in the first half kept the ball out of the net, as Buckmaster was out of position when the shot was taken, to help secure the shut-out.".
     Chillicothe scored in the 16th minute on a Zac Truesdell unassisted goal, and on a Jacob Rockhold goal in the 63rd minute with an assist by Truesdell. Savannah's Goalkeeper Zak Konyha had a work out, notching 13 saves. "The Hornet's had the upper edge on the number  of shots on goal with 15 and 11 corner kicks compared to Savannah's four shots on goal and five corner kicks" commented Allison. Chillicothe ends the regular season at 4-10 and conference season 3-4. They play Hannibal on the 27th at 2:00pm in Moberly in the first round of District competition.

Hannibal 3, Chillicothe 0 Districts at Moberly

    State ranked Hannibal needed a full game to edge the Chillicothe Hornets 3-0 in the first round of District Tournament. "Throw out the score on this one." commented Hornets coach Bill Allison. "Let us talk about the best game of soccer that this team has played all season." Both teams were held scoreless in the first half with both teams having chances to score. Chillicothe's Brady Sensenich had two shots on goal from free kicks, Colton Allen with a breakaway that was saved by Hannibal's goalkeeper and Zac Truesdell and Jacob Rockhold with one each.
     Hannibal started finding their mark midway thru the 2nd half, scoring in the 58th, 63rd and 74th minutes. "It was amazing to see the looks on all these players when they came off the field at halftime, knowing they had just played a great half of soccer against one of the best teams in the state in Class 2" stated Allison. The Hornets Caleb Buckmaster had 8 saves on goal, while the Pirates Kyle Bowman had 7 saves on goal.

Post Season Awards

   The awards were plentiful at the sports banquet honoring Chillicothe's inaugural Boys Soccer team that finished 4-11 overall and 5th in conference play with a 3-5 record. The team will lose just 3 seniors off the team that scored 31 goals in their first season, a mark that Coach Bill Allison called very good for a first year program.
     Named to the All-District 1st team was Midfielder Colton Allen and named Honorable Mention was Goalkeeper Caleb Buckmaster. Named All-Conference Honorable Mention were Defender Weston Baker, Midfielder Colton Allen and Forwards Zach Truesdell and Jacob Rockhold.
Most Improved Award: Wade Koehly
Leadership Award: Weston Baker
Coaches Award: Mahonri Reyes
Golden Boot Award: (Most Goals on the Team) Jacob Rockhold
110% Award: Zach Truesdell
Love Of The Game Awards: Caleb Buckmaster, Jacob Rockhold
Hustle Awards: Brady Sensenich, Zach Colvin, Jeff Bowman, Colton Allen and Zach Truesdell


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