1908 Hornets Baseball

Record: 4 - 3

  (From the 1908 Chillicothe Cresset)
Altho' very little has been done in the base ball world during the last few years, athletics have been making steady advances and it now stands on a firm base. As interest became evident in other departments of athletic work it also extended to base ball.
     The first team which was organized in 1904 was not a success owing, not only to the lack of base ball spirit but also to the lack of material. Only part of a game was played with Brookfield, that year.
     Little or nothing was done from 1904 until 1908 when the base ball fever once more broke out in C. H. S. and this time it proves very contagious. This year's team is the best that C. H. S. has ever had or will have in the near future. The perfection of the present team is due not only to the players but to the excellent system of control used by Prof. A. E. Coppers, faculty manager, and his co-workers, Cecil Abell, student manager, and Will Bradley, Captain.

Chillicothe 21, Liberty 11
Chillicothe 21, Braymer 6
Moberly 8, Chillicothe 3
Chillicothe 13, Braymer 6

Chillicothe 8, Cameron 7

Liberty 6, Chillicothe 4
Cameron 11, Chillicothe 6

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