1951 Hornets Track
Coach Bob Moore 
Conference: unknown, District: n/a, State: n/a

     Not much is known about the 1951 Track season. For some reason, the Chillicothe newspapers did not report anything on the High School track team beyond two tiny preseason articles.
     The first article was two paragraphs stating Bob Moore was coach, and that practice had started. No names or number of athletes were listed.
     The second, someone confusing, article listed a schedule of five meets including three home meets, and the conference and district meets.
     After that, the only mention of Hornets track in April or May was one quick mention in a student-written column in the Constitution Tribune that said the team placed 4th at a 4-team meet in Trenton on April 17th.
     Speculating on the lack of available information, it's possible the newspaper just didn't have a sports person on the staff, they didn't really have a set "sports page" in the newspaper and perhaps the Coach just didn't give them any information. Nothing is in the Chillicothe Cresset Yearbook, which was printed in the spring before the season was finished, or perhaps even started.
     One thing worth noting is the 1950-51 school sports season was perhaps one of the lowest points in Chillicothe athletics. In the fall, the Football team managed just one win, which was one more than Coach Moore's team managed the previous season. Five of the eight 1950 team losses were shut outs. . The 1950-51 basketball team mustered just 3 wins against 17 losses. When it came to track season, likely this team was not very good.

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