1907 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row: Allbritain Lawson, Prof. A. E. Cooper (Faculty Manager), Maxwell Gordon, Clyde Deardorff (Bus. Manager)
Second Row:
Coach Malcolm Perryman, Burford M. Colby, Clarence Grace, Don Stewart, Orville Anderson,
Delbert Arthaud.
Third Row:
James Campbell, Mervin Jones, David French, Benj. Holcer (Captain), Allie M. Howard, Nolan Chapman Bottom Row: Wm. Bradley, Anson Atwell, Roy Byrd


6 - 2

Points For




Points Against



Starting Lineup

From the Chillicothe Cresset Yearbook
    The boom of foot ballism could not lie buried always and in 1907 it burst upon our world in all of its glory. The boys manifested such a spirit so as to let not only Chillicothe but all the surrounding towns know of what they were made. Every boys worked hard and did his part toward building the team up to the highest standard. The second team was of great importance in the scrimmage work. There was good material of all kinds and under excellent management of Prof. A. E. Coppers, as faculty manager, Clyde Deardorff, as student manager, and Benj. Holcer as captain, the team of 1907 was pronounced one of renowned success.
     The boys did all their part in every game but most of our scores were due to our star players. Too much praise cannot be given to our famous half back Bradley, who held the spectators in awe with his "stunts with the ball." And we must not forget Jones, the man who could not be stopped by any opposing man. And as for Gordon, the contesting teams decided that a cannon ball could not move him from his position as Guard.

RE  Mervin Jones

RT  Noland Chapman

RG  Maxwell Gordon

 C  Anson Atwell

LG  Allbritian Lawson

LT  Delbert Arthaud

LE  Burford M. Colby

QB  Don Stewart

FB  James Campbell

RH Wm. Bradley

LH  Benjamin Holcer



Sept 28

Chillicothe Normal 2nd Team

Won  11 - 0

(From The Chillicothe Constitution, Sept. 30, 1907)
     The first foot ball game of the season was played Saturday afternoon between the Normal Second team and the High School. The second team of the Normal is not as fast as the first, only the "subs" of the first team being allowed to play with the second. The game was a good one, but the Normal boys were outclassed by the High School. The score was 11 to 0 in favor of the latter.


Oct. 5


Won  33 - 0

(From The Chillicothe Constitution, Oct. 7, 1907)
     The second game was between the Chillicothe High School eleven and the High School team of Meadville, the former being victorious by the score of 33 to 0. This shows good work on the part of the coach for the High School boys and the team promises to put up some strong games during the present season


Oct. 12

at St Joseph Central

Won   8 - 0

(From The Chillicothe Constitution, Oct. 14, 1907)
Score was Eight to Nothing in Local Team's Favor,
 Ball Always Being in Enemy's Territory

     The High School Football team returned from St. Joseph Saturday night, flushed with a third shut-out victory.
     The score of Saturday's game at St. Joseph was 8 to 0, with the Chillicothe lads on top. The game was a thoroughly interesting one from start to finish, and was viewed by a large crowd  of spectators, who, while they deplored the defeat of the St. Joseph team, were not at all stingy in their praise for the fast work that was done by the Chillicothe boys.
     The St. Joe players were fully as heavy as the Chillicotheans but were lacking in experience. Although they put up a stubborn fight they never succeeded in getting the ball into Chillicothe territory.
     The Chillicothe eleven has played three games this year and each time has won a shut-out victory. The management is now in correspondence with a St. Louis High School team, which wants a game.
     The St. Joseph Gazette give the following description of the game:
     "In the first half the ball was kicked off by Chillicothe. Norris received it and was downed after advancing ten yards. St Joseph then by a series of end runs advanced the ball to their own thirty yard line. Chillicothe then held their line and St. Joseph used the forward pass. Zimmerman failed to catch the ball and St. Joseph was penalized fifteen yards. Motier punted and Stewart, Chillicothe's quarterback, caught the ball and carried it twenty yards. By good end runs Chillicothe then carried the ball to ST. Joseph's ten yard line. St Joseph then held the ball for downs and to save a touchdown gave a touch back to their opponents. The first half ended with the score of 2 to 0 in favor of the visitors.
     "Campbell, Chillicothe's full back, received the kick off in the second half and advanced the ball fifteen yards. Then by a series of end runs and punting they advanced the ball in St. Joseph's territory. Bradley, Chillicothe right half back and reputed to be one of the fastest High school football players in the west, then made a beautiful end run and carried the ball to St. Joseph's goal, making the score 8 to 0. Only a few minutes play followed and the game ended with the ball in St Joseph's Territory."


Oct. 19

at Brookfield

Won  11 - 0

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Oct. 21, 1907)
Locals Have Played Four Games Making 63 Points
to Their Opponents 0

     Chillicothe High School by defeating Brookfield Saturday by score of 11 to 0, added another shut-out to their list of victories. So far this year the High School has scored 63 points to their opponents 0.
     In Saturday's game the teams were evenly matched in weight and experience, making the game a good one from start to finish. Chillicothe overcame their rivals through the work of their fast back field and ends, Campbell's long punts helping much in the result. The first touchdown was made after nine minutes of play by an end run by bird for thirty yards, followed by one by Bradley, who carried the ball over the line from the 25 yard line. Campbell kicked goal. During this half Chillicothe failed on one forward pass and successfully executed another for a gain of thirty yards. Brookfield's best work was done by Dickinson and Hauser. The best football of the day was shown when Bird on a well timed double criss-cross carried the ball around right end for thirty-five yards.
     Chillicothe's goal was in danger only once during the game, when on the first kickoff Dickinson, for Brookfield, returned the ball 55 yards, when he was downed by Colby on the fifteen yard line. On Chillicothe recovering the ball, Campbell soon kicked out of danger. The second touchdown was made by Bradley recovering a punt returned by Campbell. Campbell missed an easy goal. First half ended with score 11 to 0.
     The second half showed better football on the part of both teams and most of it was fought in the center of the field. Campbell and Atwell in open field work showed up well. Brookfield failed time and again to gain through Chillicothe's line. Gordon, Chapman and Atwell doing good work on defensive. Deardorff, acting captain, played a consistent game at tackle.
     Score 11 to 0. Halves: time 20-20.


Nov 2

Seymour Iowa

Lost  17 - 22

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Nov. 4, 1907)
Superior Team Work of the Iowa Boys Was Responsible for Their Victory - Bradley the Star

     In one of the fastest and best played games of football on the local gridiron, the High school football team of Seymour, Iowa defeated the local High school eleven at McWilliams' park Saturday afternoon by the score of 22 to 17.
     Bradley for the locals was easily the star of the game. he made a 70 yard run for a touch down after the Iowa boys kicked off to Deardorff in the first half. Bradley was vigorously applauded for his splendid work all through the game.
     The Seymour boys won the game on their superior team work and forward passes. Their first touchdown was made by Dyball, who received the ball on a forward pass and pushed it over the tackle in five minutes' play. The visitors averaged about four pounds to the man heavier than the locals and spectators who witnessed the game were more than pleased with the showing of the home boys. Campbell, who played the position of full back for the local eleven had his opponents outclassed on punting. His work was extra good. Colby and Bradley also made touchdowns in the second half, the former making his touchdown on a criss-cross play. 
     The local eleven will play a return date with the Seymour team at the latter place Thanksgiving day.


Nov. 9


Won  17 - 5

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Nov. 11, 1907)
     The football team from the Chillicothe High school went to Meadville Saturday where a contest was pulled off with the high school from that place The score was 17 to 5.
     The game was snared by a number of wrangle brought up by the members of the Meadville team. The Meadville boys outweighed the locals several pounds but the superior team work clearly outclassed the boys on  the east.


Nov. 16


Won   5 - 0

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Nov. 18, 1907)

     Only a fair sized crowed was in attendance at McWilliams' park Saturday afternoon to witness the football game between the High school eleven from Brookfield and the local High school team. The score at the close of the game was 5 to 0 in favor of the Chillicothe team.
     This is the second victory for the locals over the Brookfield team. The boys on the east had strengthened their team for Saturday's contest with hopes of carrying away the flag. While they put up a good strong game, the local team work was far superior.


Nov. 23

at Oregon

Lost   0 - 28

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Nov. 25, 1907)
Some of the Members of the Local Team Claim They Got "Rotten" Deal - Play Seymour Thursday

     The football eleven from the Chillicothe High school went to Oregon, MO., Saturday where they met the strong High school team of that place. The score at the close of the contest stood 28 to 0 in favor of Oregon.
     Some of the members of the local eleven claim they were given a "rotten" deal. "It is true that we did not play in our usual form" said a member of the local team. "We were also given a rotten deal." A former student at the Normal, who lives in Oregon and who was acquainted with a number of the local players made the remark that the Oregon team never lost a game at home.
     The trip was a hard one for the Chillicothe boys. After traveling for several hours on the train they were compelled to make a trip overland, which took about two hours. The long ride tired them so they were unable to put up their usual game.


Nov. 28

at Seymour Iowa

Won  11 - 10

(From The Chillicothe Constitution Nov. 29, 1907)
The Game Was Fast and Exciting Throughout

     The Chillicothe High school football team returned to Chillicothe Friday morning from Seymour where the locals defeated the High school team of that place. The game was said to be the best ever played on the Seymour gridiron.
     The Chillicothe boys had practiced hard for the past week for this contest and when they left Wednesday evening, every member of the team felt confident of victory. All the boys played good hard football and the team work of the locals was what saved the game as their opponents were much heavier.

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