1909 Chillicothe Hornets
"The Boys Who Made Chillicothe Famous"

Top Row: Coach J. J. Kahn, Alvin Cole, Clarence McMillian, Forest Adams, Lee Brookshire,
Supt A. R. Coburn (Faculty Mgr)
 Middle Row: Gilp Brant, Lester Wikoff, Walter Nunn, Francis Darr, David French (Student Mgr)
Bottom Row:
Edgar Jones, Mervin Jones (Captain), William McGrew

Center: Gilp Brant, Right Guard: Clarence McMillian, Right Tackle: Walter Nunn, Right End: Lester Wikoff, Left Guard: Forrest Adams. Left Tackle: Lee Brookshire, Left End: Francis Darr, Quarter: David French, Right Half: Edgar Jones, Left Half: William McGrew, Full Back: Mervin Jones.


6 - 1

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "When the football season of 1909 turned its eye towards the Chillicothe High School it found eight of last years players with us.
     The second week of school a meeting of the boys was held, electing Supt. A. R. Coburn, Faculty Manager, and David French, Student Manager. Mervin Jones was already Captain having been elected the year before. At the same meeting the boys decided to have J. J. Kahn, a Missouri University man of wonderful ability, as a teacher. For three weeks the players were drilled in a new set of signals and new plays which were given by Coach Kahn. The boys had been used to going out in the field and sleeping instead of practicing, but when Kahn got a hold of them and told them to do any thing they didn't stop to argue, but just did what he said. We Are The Champions Of North Missouri."
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Sat. Oct. 2 at Braymer Won 28 - 0
  "The boys went to Braymer to play the H. S. of that town; and as Kahn predicted, we needed a cash register to keep score. The train was late and the halves were only ten minutes long but in a short time the score was 20-0 for Chillicothe."
Sat. Oct. 9 at St Joseph Central Lost  0 - 8
 "In a pour down of rain and mud ankle deep the team went to St. Joe on Oct. 9th. It was also here that we met our only defeat of the year. Altho St. Joe had open dates later on in the season they would not give us another game, and yet they dispute our right as Champions."
Sat. Oct. 16 at Trenton Won 24 - 5
 "On Oct. 16th, we went overland to Trenton. In a fast and interesting game we won the game with a score of 24 to 5. Although the trip was rather tiresome everybody had a good time."
Sat. Oct. 23 Liberty Won 22 - 0
 "The undefeated team of Liberty High School came to Chillicothe on Oct. 23rd with the intention of beating us to a standstill, but Coach Kahn's men put the score at 22-0 in favor of Chillicothe."
Sat Oct. 30 Trenton Won 37 - 0
 "On Oct. 30th we played our return game with Trenton on the Normal field. This game was worse for Trenton than the first game. When the whistle blew the score was 37-0 for Chillicothe."
Sat. Nov. 20 Carrollton Won 44 - 0
 "On Nov. 20th we played Carrollton here. Like last year in two games, Carrollton beat us 44 to 0. This year we beat them 44 to 0 in one game."
Thu Nov. 25 at Seymour, Iowa Won 79 - 0
 "On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25th, Seymour, Iowa met her Waterloo at the hands of Kahn's men. The Iowans held the idea that they really knew how to play football, for the reason that they had defeated everything in their part of Iowa. They soon changed their minds."


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