1910 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row:
Harry G. Rogers (Faculty Mgr), Lester Wikoff, Roy Van Hoozer, Forest Adams,
Courtney Campbell, Omer Dennis.
 Middle Row Arthur Lorten, Harry Johnson, Edgar Jones (Capt.) Harry Phillips, Van Chapman.
Bottom Row: Wilbur Sutherland, Sam Swetland, John Atwell (Business Mgr)


5 - 1

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "The foot-ball season of 1910 was not so brilliant as that of 1909 but proved to be one of many victories. When foot-ball practice opened it found only three of the regulars of last years team back again. J. J. Kahn who taught our 1909 team how to play championship football was again wanted to coach our team but his services were not procurable. It was then that Mervin Jones, captain of last year's team, was hired. He began coaching after the Linneus game and certainly did a lot of good."
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Note: According to a newspaper article, Kahn stated he wanted to be paid $300 for his coaching duties. The school board felt that was too expensive.
Sat Oct. 1 at Linneus Lost 10 - 11
 "On Oct. 1st the team went to Linneus after only a weeks practice without a coach. All went well until the last quarter. We were ahead with a score of 10-0 but in the last ten minutes we went to pieces with the final score of 11 to 10, our first and last defeat."
Sat. Oct. 8 Breckenridge Won 26 - 0
 "The next Saturday, Oct. 8th, Breckenridge arrived to avenge the score made in 1908. Although Breckenridge held well for a few downs their former idea of the score was a dream. They got the goose egg end of the score 26 - 0."
Sat, Oct. 22 at Laclede Won 11 - 6
 "On Oct. 22nd we had our first really hard game with Laclede. They had several fast players and the first part of the game looked dark, but the coach finally put in his appearance and we made two touchdowns and kicked goal once, making the score 11 to 6"
Sat. Oct. 29 at Brookfield Won 17 - 0
 "The next game was with Brookfield with the usual accompaniments, a game for us and many misunderstandings, for Brookfield is particular about the proper way to tackle When the game finally stopped we were ahead by the score of 17 to 0."
Sat. Nov. 5 at Breckenridge Won 15 - 0
 "The following Saturday we played our return game with Breckenridge. They had improved greatly since the first game, but our goal was never in danger."
Sat. Nov. 19 at Hamilton Won 11 - 2
 "The last game was played on Nov. 19th with Hamilton on their own grounds. They had never been scored on and had no intention of losing the game. Their team was heavy but rather slow. our forward passes worked well during this game. Hamilton scored a touchback on a fumble but we were far ahead with the score at the best 11 to 2."
 "Next year's team should be a good one. Only three of the players leave. "Tommy" Jones and "Bottle" Wikoff will surely be missed. It is to be hoped that next year we will again take the championship of North Missouri."

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