1911 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row:
Courtney Campbell, Page Wagner, Harry Johnson, Harry Hayden, Ben Dienst, Omar Dennis
Second Row: Harry Phillips, Sam Swetland, John Atwell, Julius Meinershagen, Wilbur Sutherland
Bottom Row: Arthur Lorton, Van Chapman


1 - 2

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "When the foot-ball season of 1911 rolled around to the Chillicothe High School, it found that only three of last years players were gone. it commenced with brilliant prospects and we hoped for the repetition of the luck we had in the fall of '09 when C.H.S. carried away the championship of North Missouri and noted for it's excellent team.
     A meeting of the boys was held Sept. 15, John Atwell being elected Captain and Harry Johnson manager. It was several days before a field could be secured for practice."
(Note: A newspaper article of the day stated the rest of the season was cancelled due to poor grades by the players)
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Sat. Sept. 30 Breckenridge Won 62 - 0
 "In our first game on Sept. 30, we defeated Breckenridge High School by a score of 62-0. Their team was as heavy as ours, but we simply played the game and they did not. This victory gave us confidence."
Sat. Oct. 14 Brookfield Lost  0 - 13
 "Brookfield was secured to play a game on Oct 14 which was the first day of the Livingston County Fair. It was late when the game started, and this time we were unsuccessful. A few days before our team had taken up a new system of signals, and in the game the players got the new signals mixed with the old ones."
Sat. Oct. 28 at Seymour, Iowa Lost  0 - 22
 "On Oct. 28 our team went to Seymour, Iowa. We were out-classed and lost the game, score 22-0. Our boys deserve credit for putting up the good playing they did and preventing a larger score."

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