1914 Chillicothe Hornets

Top Row:
Coach C. B. Perry,
First Row:
Wilmont Montgomery, Dan Francis, Forest Brown, Frank Batta, Vahl Clawson, Horace Scruby.
Second Row:
Claude Cover, Irwin Putnam, Beeson Johnson, Clark Gilbert, Leon Dennis, Dewey Chandler, Flavel Girdner, Front Row:  Hicks.


3 - 5 - 2

Points For




Points Against


From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     "On the 14th of September, a football meeting was called. The outlook for a fast team was good. Never had there been more material than there was this year, and with C. B. Perry for coach hopes were high for a championship team. Practice was started immediately at Weston Heights. On account of the distance (the jitney service was not here then) and the poor ground, the practice was generally lax."
 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)
Sat. Sept. 26 Trenton Lost  7 - 47
 "After a short period of practice a game was played here on the Normal gridiron with the Trenton High School team. Luck was against us, the visitors winning 47 to 7. It was not as bad a game as the score would indicate. Several of our boys played a "star" game but there was a sad lack of team work and the only reason for this was lack of practice. Several of the men were new and had not played football before, and this, a real game served to straighten them out and also to get the whole team to work together better."
Fri Oct. 2 at Braymer Won 14 - 0
 "At Braymer our boys had a comparatively easy time beating the High School team of that city. Dewey Chandler made a touch down on a tackle run."
Mon Oct. 12 Breckenridge Tie  0 - 0
 "These teams were very evenly matched and neither scored. The ground was muddy with water standing in the low places. This handicapped the players considerably, because they could not stand up. The mud was worse on our team than on the visitors because they were heavier than the visitors. We would undoubtedly have gained a victory if the ground had been dry."
Sat Oct. 17 at Cameron Lost  0 - 6
 " We were defeated 6 to 0 but as the score indicates, it was a close game. our team was fighting from start to finish and the Cameron boys were never sure of the game until the final thrill of the referee's whistle."
Sat. Oct. 24 Gallatin Lost 14 - 15
 "It was a hard fought battle all the way through. A series of bad fumbles gave the visitors most of their score in the first half. Our boys seemed unable to get started right in that part of the game. But oh my!  that last half. It would have aroused the patriotism of any High School student to see the way our boys pounded at that Gallatin team trying to win that game, and they came so near doing it that there was only one point difference between them at the end of the game. In the last quarter Francis missed a fine field goal by only a few inches.."
Fri Oct. 30 at Lathrop Lost  7 - 57
 "We went up against a team of heavy weights, who had played together two or three years before this season. In spite of this we held them down until Cover and Putnam, our star right end and right tackle were knocked out. Then Lathrop ran wild around our right end."
Fri. Nov. 6 at Breckenridge Tie  6 - 6
 "We went to Breckenridge determined to break the tie with that team, but the result was another tie. In a well played game each side made a touch down. Both failed to kick goal.
   About this time our line up was changed and more spirit was put into the practice. Several hot practice games were played with the heavy Business College team.
Fri Nov. 13 Brookfield Won 13 - 3
 "When the Brookfield team came here to play us our team was in much better trim that ever before. The effect of the hard practice was very evident by the manner in which the Brookfield boys were defeated. Churchill playing fullback made two touchdowns and Batta kicked one goal. The visitors only score was made by the air route, a field goal in the first quarter."
Sat Nov. 21 at Breckenridge Won 37 - 0
 "The next Saturday found us again at Breckenridge more determined than ever to beat our old adversaries and break the tie, and this time our hopes were certainly realized. The game was a perfect walk-away, our team carrying home the big end of a 37 to 0 score."
Thu Nov. 26 at Trenton Lost  0 - 84
 The final game of the season was on Thanksgiving day at Trenton, in which we were defeated."

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