1915 Chillicothe Hornets
Coach: C. B. Perry
Record 1 - 4 Points For 63
Conference None Points Against 81
From The Chillicothe Yearbook
     " A football meeting was called September 17th, to elect a manager for the season, to which office George Boehner was elected.
     Practice started the next evening at Herriford's Pasture. There were twenty or thirty boys out for practice every evening, and prospects for a good team were in sight. As time passed, the number dwindles to about fifteen and it remained at this number all season.

     Although we were not as successful this year as in former years, we were far from being disgraced. We suffered may misfortunes as there were but two old men on the team this year. We also received a very severe blow when our speedy quarterback, Dowell, suffered the misfortune of breaking his arm. But however bad we will be defeated, we will always stand good losers."

 (Summary from the Yearbook follows the score)

Thu Sept. 23 CHS Alumni Team Lost  0 - 16
 "The first game was with the Alumni, at the CBC Athletic grounds. We found opposing us a 170 pound team of such former stars at Batta, Putman, Johnson and Chapman in the line-up. Despite the fact we were out-weighed twenty five pounds to the man, they failed to score against us in the first half, with the exception of a safety. The game was played entirely during the first half in their territory, except when Churchill punted over Boehner's head and he was tackled behind our goal line.
   The second half opened with the CHS defending the east goal. After playing the Alumni to a standstill for twelve minutes, Batta got away on a trick play and ran 85 yards for a touchdown. It was during this quarter that we carried the ball to within five yards of their goal line three times but were unable to push it across.
   The next quarter opened with CHS kicking to the Alumni, Chapman receiving the ball and returned it to within two yards of our goal line. here it took four downs for them to carry the pig-skin across the chalk line. This ended the scoring for the Alumni.
Fri. Oct. 1 at Braymer Lost  6 - 14
 "Braymer was reported to have a 145 pound team. But, alas! Their 145 pound team turned out to be a 175 pound team. This was the first time in the history of the Red and Black that Braymer defeated C. H. S. Although we were defeated, it was, as a Braymer boy said: 'We had the battle of our life.' Everybody enjoyed the trip and we were shown many favors by the Braymer Boys.
Fri. Oct. 8 at Gallatin Lost  6 - 31
 "It was a cold day and we never got warmed up until the end of the first quarter. This was the toughest luck game we ever played. Four of Gallatin's five touchdowns were scored on our fumbles, and we scored three touchdowns but were not allowed but one. Despite the fact we were not given a square deal by the referee, the Gallatin team played a square and manly game, and they were in no way connected with the refereeing or the incident that happened in front of the restaurant at that town."
Fri. Oct. 15 Braymer Lost  0 - 20
 "Our next was a return game with Braymer of which there is not much to say. Having only one night's practice that week, on account of the rainy weather, Braymer simply outplayed us, and defeated us 20 to 0. Although there was some wrangling during and after the game, it was, in general, a clean and hard-fought game.
  Our Next game, which was scheduled with Breckenridge, had to be called off, because seven of our players were down in their studies, and the faculty would not allow them to play
    School Student Team Won 51 - 0
 "About this time a few squawkers captained by "Sloughfoot" organized a Mohawk team and challenged the C.H.S. "standpatters" to a game. their fate was similar to every outlaw team and when the smoke of the battle had cleared away, it was found that the C.H.S. team had defeated the "squawkers" by the sweet score of 51-0.

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