1939-40 Chillicothe Wrestling

Coach: Pat Bradshaw
State: 4th (8 Wrestlers, 5 Medals)

Feb 3 1940 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
     Winning four out of five matches, the three lightest wrestlers and the heavyweight being victorious, the Chillicothe Hornet wrestling team last night lost the evening’s series of nine mat affairs to the Wyandotte high team of Kansas City, Kansas by a 23 to 18 score,
     There was an added feature on the program, an exhibition 145 pound match and in that Leonard Fair threw his opponent. Had that contest counted the two teams would have tied for the scoring honors of the evening.
     Charles Vennemann, Bill Rickerson and Jess Brouhard are the Chillicotheans who threw their opponents to win five points each for their team and Russell Taylor took his match by decision which gave the team three points.
     The results of the individual bouts are:
     95 pounds-Bill Rickerson, Chillicothe, threw Frank Skabialka, Wyandotte, 3:53
     105 pounds-Russell Taylor, Chillicothe, took decision of Malwell, Wyandotte
     115 pounds-Charles Vennemann, Chillicothe threw Svaglia, Wyandotte 1:30
     125 pounds-Day, Wyandotte, threw Art Applebury, Chillicothe, in 2:17
     135 pounds-Modurn, Wyandotte, threw Joe vale, Chillicothe in 1:54
     145 pounds-(exhibition) Leonard Fair, Chillicothe, threw Dinsmore, Wyandotte, in 6:58
     145 pounds-Jewell, Wyandotte, threw Howard Holt, Chillicothe in 3:18
     155 pounds-Stamps, Wyandotte, won decision over Ray Raines, Chillicothe
     165 pounds-Shaush, Wyandotte threw Maupin, Chillicothe in 6:00 (Up to the last Maupin was winning by decision)
     Heavyweight-Jess Brouhard, Chillicothe threw Obel, Wyandotte, in 4:40
     A crowd of more than 100 persons saw the mat meet and were enthusiastic in watching the various boys on the canvas.
Feb 23 1940 Chillicothe Constitution Tribune
Wyandotte HS in Win Over Hornets
Wrestling Meet Held in Kansas City, Kansas, Yesterday, a Return Affair.

     Meeting the Wyandotte High School wrestling team in a return match yesterday afternoon at the large Kansas City High School building, the Chillicothe High Hornets found they had met their masters for the Kansans won by a score of 20.5 to 14.5
     Three Chillicothe boys failed to make their weights, being a few pounds too heavy, and this meant that they had to meet opponents who were much heavier than they were themselves. This was especially true of Bill Rickerson and Taylor both of whom were defeated. Charles Vennemann was slightly outweighed by his opponent but he manages to throw him for a fall victory.
     Jess Brouhard, local heavyweight who is picked as a possible state champion in his weight this year, won over the Kansas heavyweight. Leland Fair and Stewart were other local boys who chalked up wins. Applebury of the Hornets tied with Day of Wyandotte.
     The complete meet results follow:
       95 pounds-Falwell of Wyandotte defeated Rickerson of Chillicothe by fall, Time 7:52
     105 pounds-Svaglic of Wyandotte defeated Taylor of Chillicothe by 2 to 0 decision
     115 pounds-Venneman of Chillicothe defeated Austin of Wyandotte by fall. Time 1:58
     125 pounds-(Bout awarded draw) Day of Wyandotte vs Applebury of Chillicothe
     135 pounds-Knaus of Wyandotte defeated Vale of Chillicothe by fall Time 6:30
     145 pounds-Jewell of Wyandotte defeated Fair of Chillicothe by 5 to 0 decision
     145 pounds-Dinsmore of Wyandotte defeated Hold of Chillicothe by fall time 1:24
     155 pounds-Cramer of Wyandotte defeated Rains of Chillicothe by 4 to 0 decision
     165 pounds-Fair of Chillicothe defeated Egnatic of Wyandotte by 4 to 0 decision
     Heavyweight class-Brouhard of Chillicothe defeated Capp of Wyandotte by fall Time 2:07
3/1/1940 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
Clean Sweep Record in Contest at Mexico Yesterday Afternoon
Will Be Held in Columbia On Marsh 8-9; Team of Lettermen

     It is very seldom that a wrestling team makes a clean sweep in a match with another school but the Chillicothe Hornet wrestlers went that far and a bit father when they defeated the Mexico Military Academy team 45-0 yesterday afternoon at Mexico. They won every bout by a fall.
     From the lightest man on the team to the heaviest man the local boys were able to pin their opponents back on the mat before the seven minute time limit had ticked away. Vennemann was the fastest worker of the group with a 20 second fall to his credit. Brouhard managed to win in only 38 seconds and Fair took just one minute.
     All of the boys who won their bouts at the same time won their school letter in the sport for the rules are that a boy must win one bout or place in the state meet. The state meet is to be held in Columbia on March 8th and 9th and the whole team will go to compete.
     In an exhibition match following the regular nine bouts, Jimmy Stewart, 115 lbs Hornet, wrestled a 135 pound M.M.A. cadet by the name of Fortites. Stewart nearly had the bigger boy down several times and only the weight advantage held by his opponent prevented his getting a fall victory. After the seven-minute tussel he was given the decision 13 to 7.
     The results and times of the bouts are as follows:
     95 pounds-Rickerson, Chillicothe defeated Cornbleet of MMA 1:47
     105 pounds-Taylor, CHS defeated Wyman, MMA, 6:37
     115 pounds-Vennemann, CHS defeated Marshall, MMA 0:20
     125 pounds-Applebury, CHS defeated Troy, MMA, 4:04
     135 pounds-Vale, CHS defeated Richards, MMA 1:39
     145 pounds-Holt, CHS defeated Grey, MMA, 3:14
     155 pounds-Maupin, CHS defeated Karos, MMA 2:53
     165 pounds-Fair, CHS defeated Bondourer MMA 1:00
     185 pounds-Brouhard, CHS defeated Merridino, MMA, 0:37
     Coach Pat Bradshaw of the Hornets said this morning that is the first time he ever heard of a team winning all of the bouts on a card by falls, usually a few are decision affairs
March 11 1940 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
Hornets As Team Take Fourth With Four Third Places

     Leland Fair won the 165 pound mat championship in the annual Missouri State High School wrestling meet held in Columbia last Saturday and the entire Hornet squad took fourth place honors in the affair with four members of the team placing third in their weights.
     The Hornets who placed third in their divisions were Veneman, Joe Vale, Leonard Fair, brother of Leland, and Brouhard. Last year Brouhard won second with both Vennemann and Leland Fair were third.
     Coach Pat Bradshaw took the team of nine wrestlers to the state affair after hoping to move up a notch from the third place that the Hornets won last year but competition from the big St Louis schools proved too much. Normandy high was first with 32 winners,. Maplewood was second with 26 points and Ferguson was third with 21 points. All three schools are in St Louis.
     Falling behind the Hornets, who had 16 points, were these Schools: Kirkwood of St Louis 10, Missouri Military Academy of Mexico and Webster Groves of St Louis 5 and University High of Columbia 4
     The results of the matches for Chillicotheans are as follows:
     95 pounds-Rickerson-drew bye in first round, lost in second round to Fite of Maplewood after he had suffered pulled muscles in his left arm. (Fite was second in the finals)
     105 pounds-Veneman-third in state-won from Crosby of Kirkwood in first round and lost to McClinton of Normandy in second (McClinton was champion in this weight)
     125 pounds-Applebury-lost to Bosworth of Maplewood in first round (Bosworth placed second in finals)
     135 pounds-Joe Vale-third in meet, lost to Stephens of Kirkwood (Stephens was first in state)
     145 pounds-Leonard Fair-third in state-drew bye in first round, won from Englert of University High in second and lost to Broughton of Ferguson in the third. (Broughton won the title)
     155 pounds-Maupin-lost to R Davis in first round (Davis won championship)
     165 pounds-Leland Fair-State Champion-drew bye in first round, beat Fillo of Webster Groves in second and Wisman of Maplewood in finals.
     185 pounds-Brouhard-third in state-lost to Flickman of Normandy in first round (Flickman won the state title)


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