2009 Girls Soccer

Row 1: Madeline Brick, Meredith Brick, Annie Steely, Ellyn Turner, Kendra Ballantyne, Rochelle Gillilan, Brooke
Westcott, Row 2: Shelby Asher, Bethany, Ireland, Lynzie Colvin, Laura Turner, Michaela Simmer, Kylie Barton,
Kati Jo Ross, Jordan Gardner, Lacey Nibarger, Ashiah St. Onge. Row 3: Mahonri Reyes-Manager, Shannon Calivere,
Libby Kline, Kelsey Calvert, Diana Nelson, Coach Allison, Catherine Tipton, Allie Davis, Sarah Ewing,
Ast. Coach Harvey.

<2008 Season Results>

3/24 Chillicothe 4, at St Joseph Lafayette 0
     Madeline Brick and Rochelle Gillilan each scored two goals to help the Lady Hornets open the season with a 4-0 shut out at St Joseph Lafayette. Chillicothe used a strong wind at their back in the first half to score all four goals in the first half, and out shot Lafayette 10-5. Meredith Brick had 8 saves and Gillilan had 1 assist.
      Lady Hornets coach Bill Allison said while it was a team effort, there were a few names to call out. "Both Madeline and Meredith Brick had good games, alongside Rochelle Gillilan," stated Allison. "The Coaches were very happy with the play of Kati Jo Ross, Catherine Tipton, Kylie Barton and Brooke Westcott as she took a beating but never once quit playing. Lacey Nibarger had a good game and made some exceptional passes to open the field up. Coming off the bench and playing well was freshman Lynzie Colvin."

3/27 at Chillicothe 2, Kirksville 1 (game won on Penalty Kicks)
     It took 80 minutes of regulation, 20 minutes of overtimes and penalty kicks, but in the end Chillicothe downed Kirksville 2-1 in Chillicothe. Kirksville opened the scoring in the 17th minute on an unassisted goal by Allie Bjork in the 17th minute. Chillicothe responded 10 minutes later on an unassisted goal by Rochelle Gillilan to tie the score.
     Both teams had chances to win in regulation, according to Chillicothe coach Bill Allison. "Madeline Brick just missed by inches as the ball hit the crossbar." Allison said the play became a midfield and defensive game. Chillicothe had a total of 17 shots on goal, 7 corner kicks and Meredith Brick had 8 saves. Kirksville had 16 shots on goals, 5 corner kicks and 7 saves on goal.
     In the Penalty Kick Shootout finally ended after each team had five penalty kicks taken. Chillicothe had successful kicks by Rochelle Gillilan and Kylie Barton while Meredith Brick for Chillicothe made three saves and only allowed one goal.

3/31 at Smithville 10, Chillicothe 0
     In the world of MEC Girls Soccer, there is Smithville and then there's everyone else. The Smithville Lady Warriors polished off Chillicothe in just 53 minutes, winning 10-0 on the 10-goal mercy rule. Lady Hornet's goalkeeper Meredith Brick was the hardest working lady Hornet, chalking up 19 saves while Chillicothe failed to give the Smithville goalkeeper anything to worry about.
     Chillicothe was with out three starters due to commitments to other school activities, but that wasn't the only problem. Coach Bill Allison says Smithville is just that good. "It showed in the footwork, passing game and all other facets of the game that Smithville has considerable more time on the ball. Sitting close to Kansas City and being able to play most of the year is a big plus in building a program" commented Allison.
     Chillicothe is now 2-1 on the season and faces Concordia-St Paul's on Friday at Danner Park.

4/3 at Chillicothe 4, St Paul's 3 (Game won on Penalty Kicks)
     When you go to a Lady Hornet's soccer match, you most likely are going to get your money's worth. For the second time in this young season, The Lady Hornets needed sudden death shoot out to pick up a win, this time beating St Paul's Lutheran High of Concordia.
     The game was tied 3-3 in regulation and double overtime. Rochelle Gillilan scored unassisted in the 20th minute, Madeline Brick in the 39th minute with an assist from Gillilan, then Gillilan in the 71st minute assisted by Brick. In the penalty kick phase, Brick, Gillilan, Kylie Barton and Ellyn Turner all scored to give Chillicothe a 4-2 penalty kick victory.
    Meredith Brick had 4 saves on goal during the game. Chillicothe improves to 3-1 on the season.

4/14 at Chillicothe 8, Kansas City Lutheran 2
     Chillicothe Junior Rochelle Gillilan exploded for 5 goals to help the Lady Hornets beat the Kansas City Lutheran Lady Knights 8 - 2 at Danner Park. Coach Bill Allison said "Gillilan could of added a couple more goals if it wasn't for her unselfish play of trying to set up a couple teammates for their chance at scoring."
     Gillilan scored in the 8th, 10th, 17th, 28th and 42nd minute. Lacey Nibarger scored in the 44th minute, Madeline Brick in the 56th minute and Kati Jo Ross in the 79th minute. Picking up assists were Lacey Nibarger and Ellyn Turner. Lutheran scored in the 74th and 77th minutes. Meredith Brick had 9 saves for the Lady Hornets, who improve to 4-1 on the season.

4/18 Chillicothe 2, at Marshall 1 (Game won on Penalty Kicks)
     For the third time this season, the Chillicothe Girls Soccer team was forced into penalty kicks to decide the outcome of the match, and for the third time this season, Chillicothe came out the victory. The Lady Hornets downed Marshall on penalty kicks 3-1. Madeline Brick scored the only lady Hornets goal of regulation in the 41st minute to tie the score.. With the score tied at 1-1 after regulation and two overtimes, it went down to a best-of-five penalty kick overtime. Chillicothe had shoot out goals from Meredith Brick, Katie Jo Ross and Ellyn Turner for the win,.
     Meredith Brock had 11 saves on goal while Sara Willis of Marshall had 13 saves on goal. Chillicothe is now 5-1 on the season.

4/20 at Cameron 6, Chillicothe 2
     Cameron's Raelene Blanton scored all six of her team's goals to help the Lady Dragons hand Chillicothe their 2nd loss of the season, 6-2. Blanton scored in the 15th and 24th minute to take a 2-0 lead. Chillicothe's Madeline Brick answered with goals in the 26th and 39th minute to tie the score, however Blanton took over one minute later, scoring in the 40th, 51st, 59th and 65th minutes.
     Chillicothe coach Bill Allison says the weekend events took their toll on the Lady Hornets. "The Lady Hornets coming off an overtime win at Marshall and a full night of Prom on Saturday and missing two starters, seemed a little dead legged as they came in against Cameron." Allison says it shows as the midfield lacked the prowess of controlling the ball and allowing Cameron to send the ball through to the speedy Blanton, who would then outrun the defense and fire a shot on goal, which she did 12 times.
     Chillicothe falls to 5-2 on the season.

4/21 Maryville 5, at Chillicothe 0
     Chillicothe's third game in four days took it's toll as the Lady Hornets were blanked at home by Maryville 5-0. The Lady Spoofhounds had 19 shots on goal compared to Chillicothe's 6. "The Lady Hornets once again were without their leading scorer and Madeline Brock's teammate up front makes it harder to make an offensive attack" lamented Coach Bill Allison.
     Chillicothe started out with several good runs and attempts towards the goal, according to Allison, but he stated he could see the fatigue setting in as a few of Maryville's players got to making runs towards the goal paying dividends in the 17th minute, scoring their first of five goals and the game winner.
     Chillicothe falls to 5-3 and return to action Monday against St Joseph LeBlond

4/28 at Chillicothe 3, Benton 2
     Chillicothe scored three goals in the second half to beat St Joseph Benton 3-2 in Chillicothe. Benton's Ivory Baldwin scored in the 31st minute to give the lady Cardinals a 1-0 lead at the break. Chillicothe scored three minutes into the second half when Madeline Brick scored in the 43rd minute, followed by Kylie Barton in the 47th and Libby Kline in the 53rd minute all unassisted. Baldwin scored again in the 58th minute for Benton.
     Lady Hornets coach Bill Allison applauded Brooke Westcott, stating she played her best game to date along with Lacey Nibarger who was roughed up a little in a collision with the goal keeper. Allison also gave a pat on the back to Kylie Barton and Libby Kline for their first goals of the season and to Madeline Brock for her corner kick and good play on the field.
    "It was good to have Rochelle Gillilan back" stated Allison. Gillilan had been out with an injury. Chillicothe is now   6-3 on the season.

5/4 Chillicothe 3, at Benton 2 (Overtime)
     Chillicothe went extra minutes for the fourth time this season, and won in extra minutes for the fourth time this season, beating Benton 3-2. It took Rochelle Gillilan just under two minutes of overtime to find the net and win the game for the Lady Hornets.
     Benton's Heavin Warner scored in the 22nd minute unassisted. Chillicothe answered with an unassisted Free Kick by Madeline Brick. Benton took a 2-1 lead into intermission with a Lindsay green kick in the 34th minute. Coming out of the break, Kylie Barton found the net in the 42nd minute unassisted to tie the game.
     Chillicothe coach Bill Allison says the lady Hornets out shot their opponent 18-9 and especially in the second half dominated play from all angles, just falling short several times in pulling out the victory in regulation. Meredith brick had 5 saves on goal for the Lady Hornets.

5/5 at Chillicothe 5, Cameron 3
     Cameron's Raelene Blanton had three goals but it wasn't enough as Chillicothe downed Cameron 5-3. Cameron felt generous early, kicking the ball into their own goal in the 25th minute. Chillicothe also had goals by Libby Kline in the 27th minute assisted by Brooke Westcott, by Rochelle Gillilan on a penalty kick in the 36th minute, by Madeline Brick in the 42nd minute off an assist by Lynzie Colvin, and by Madeline Brick in the 52nd minute.
     Coach Bill Allison said solid play from Madeline brick throughout the game, great saves by Meredith Brick and pure determination to play a solid game by Kati Jo Ross, Ellyn turner, Catherine Tipton and Annie Steely helped the Lady Hornets win. He also stated Brooke Westcott picked up her game in the second half, creating several chances to score but falling just short.

5/7/09 at Chillicothe 5, Savannah 1
    Chillicothe's Rochelle Gillilan had a hat trick in the first 13 minutes to help Chillicothe down Savannah 5-1. It took just four minutes for Gillilan to score in the game, she then scored again in the 7th minute off an assist by Kylie Barton, in the 13th minute off an assist by Madeline Brick, Kylie Barton in the 26th minute off an assist by Gillilan. Chillicothe's final goal came in the 2nd off by Gillilan in the 54th minute with the assist by Madeline Brick. Chillicothe's Meredith Brick had 5 saves in the game.
     Chillicothe is now 9-3 overall and 3-1 in MEC play.

5/9/09 at LeBlond 2, Chillicothe 1
    St Joseph LeBlond's Sarah Downey scored in the 11th and 63rd minutes to help beat Chillicothe 2-1 in MEC girls soccer. Chillicothe tied the game with a goal in the 59th minute by Madeline Brick and assisted by Kylie Barton, but LeBlond's goal 4 minutes later gave them the win.
     Chillicothe coach Bill Allison stated the Lady Hornets had several shots just missing going into the net. "Even though we were out-shot, the Lady Hornets had the better chance of putting their ball past the LeBlond keeper as the higher percentage of the time had her beat and out of position" stated Allison.
    Chillicothe's Meredith Brick had 20 saves on goal.

5/12/09 Chillicothe vs Lafayette
    Chillicothe game against St Joseph Lafayette came to an early end when storms moved thru the area. 22 minutes into the first half with the Lady Hornets leading 1-0 the game was delayed 45 minutes due to lightening then cancelled and will not be made up. The game was to be senior night for Chillicothe. An earlier game between the two schools will be considered the conference game.

5/14/09 at Maryville 4, Chillicothe 1
    Chillicothe scored first but couldn't hold the lead, falling to Maryville 4-1. Chillicothe scored in the 35th minute on a Rochelle Gillilan goal. Maryville responded in the 44th minute with an Amy VandeVen goal to tie the game.
     Coach Bill Allison says the turning point came five minutes later. "The Lady Hornets were called on a handball in the penalty area, that both teams touched with their hands as it was trapped in the air between players. In the opinion of the referee, he awarded the Lady Spoofhounds a penalty kick." Shelby Blanchard made the kick on her home field to give her team the lead for good.
     Chillicothe goalie Meredith Brick had a good work out with 27 saves on goal in the game.

5/18/09 Kansas City Staley 3, Chillicothe 1 (Districts at Excelsior Springs)

    Chillicothe's first ever winning season ended with a 3-1 loss to Kansas City Staley in the opening round of districts. Staley is a new public high school in Kansas City. Chillicothe's goal game in the 25th minute by Jordon Gardner to tie the game at 1, but Staley hit a penalty kick in the 40th minute and another goal in the 78th minute. Staley out-shot Chillicothe 34-8 in the game.
     Chillicothe ends their third season at 9-6 overall and 4-3 in MEC play


 All Conference Selections
1st Team: Rochelle Gillilan - Forward, Kylie Barton - Midfielder
2nd Team: Madeline Brick - Forward, Ellyn Turner - Defense
Honorable Mention: Catherine Tipton - Defense, Kati Jo Ross - Defense, Lacey Nibarger - Midfielder, Meredith Brick - Goalkeeper

 All District Selections:

1st Team: Meredith Brick
2nd Team: Rochelle Gillilan
Honorable Mention: Ellyn Turner, Katie Jo Ross, Kylie Barton

Post Season Team Awards

Hustle Award - Brooke Westcott and Rochelle Gillilan
Most Assists - Madeline Brick
Most Improved - Libby Kline
Leadership - Ellyn Turner
110% Award -  Madeline Brick
Defense Award - Meredith Brick
Golden Boot - Rochelle Gillilan
Coaches Award - Catherine Tipton and Kati Jo Ross

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