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An Interview With Ardell
<Hornet Football Records>

Ardell Johnson   RB/DB 1968-70

     He was a member of Chillicothe's 1st State Champion team, a Nebraska Cornhusker and a brief member of the Washington  Redskins. Listen to Ardell Johnson talk about his team, his coach, and what it's like to hear your name called on NFL draft day.

                    <Listen to the Interview>

Ardell Johnson Career Hornet Football Statistics 1968 - 1970

Career Points Scored: 210
Career Touchdowns (All): 35
Career Rushing Touchdowns: 24
Career Receiving Touchdowns: 11

Career Carries: 176
Career Yards: 1,350
Career Average Yards Per Carry: 7.67

Career Receptions: 54
Career Receiving Yards: 1,005
Career Average Yards Per Catch: 18.612


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