Girls Track

State 2nd Place
State 3rd Place
State 4th Place

Girls Softball
State 2nd Place

Boys Football
 State Champions
1970, 1972, 1978,
1985, 1991
State 2nd Place
1988, 1993,
State Semi-Finalist
1976, 1986, 1987,
1997, 2008

Boys Basketball
State Champions
State 2nd Place
1982, 1997, 1998
State 4th place

Girls  Basketball
State 2nd Place
State 4th place

State 3rd Place
State 4th Place
1940, 1990

Boys Golf
State Champions
1980, 1987

Girls Golf
State 2nd Place
State 3rd Place
State 4th Place
1989, 2003

Girls Tennis
State 4th Place

Boys Track
Outdoor State Champions
Outdoor 2nd Place
Outdoor 3rd Place
Outdoor 4th Place
Indoor  Champions
1939, 1940

Photo Of The Day

2016 Senior Salute: Jesse Miller
Basketball / Track
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Latest Stories


Miller, Clampitt win High Jump Gold
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Boys Tennis

McKiddy/Lamp go 1-2 at State Doubles
<Story>    <Pictures>     <Schedule>

Boys Golf

Montgomery 62nd at State Golf
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Girls Soccer

Lady Hornets Soccer Season Ends
<Story>     <Pictures>     <Schedule>


Season Baseball Stats Posted
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Homecoming HIstory

      Check out CHS Homecoming Queen pictures from 1945 to present and Homecoming King pictures from 1999 to present. Plus, results from Homecoming games from 1945 to preset,
        <Homecoming History>


A Salute To Hornet Champions!

     Chillicothe has had dozens of teams and individuals that have won State Championships in their sport. Here's a salute to them!    <view>

All State Hornet Football Players <view>
All State Hornet Basketball Players <view>
All State Lady Hornets Basketball Players <view>
CHS Sports Action Pictures 1900 - 1960 <view>
CHS Sports Action Pictures 1960 - 2000 <view>


Hornets History

                      Early Weirdness
     In the early days of Chillicothe sports, there were few rules and fewer officials. Check out some of the wild west days of the first years of Chillicothe sports.
  <Unbreakable Records>


Former Hornets in Pros

     Six former Chillicothe Hornet football players have spent some time in professional football. Can you name all six?   <more>


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